President Obama Second Worst President on Job Creation | James Pat Guerréro

President Obama is one of the five worst presidents in the modern era on job creation. In the exactly 31 months since he’s been in office, he has come in as the second worst out of five worst presidents. In order of most worse to least worse: President Herbert Hoover, President Barack Obama, President Grover Cleveland, President Woodrow Wilson, and President Dwight Eisenhower.

This is not what Democrats would like one to think. Once the debt issue passed, immediately Nancy Pelosi (D-MD) and Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) began to “talk about jobs” and claim that job creation is the Democrats’ “strong suit,” respectively.

According to Hassett (2011) of the American Enterprise Institute on the five worst Presidents on job creation since 1890, President Obama came out the second worst behind President Herbert Hoover whose first two and one-half years were during the Great Depression.

Since taking office President Obama has been proclaiming that job creation is the most important issue. But that’s not what his failed economic stimulus and Obamacare shows. Berman (2011) reports that next month’s jobs report by Challenger, Gray, and Christmas, Inc., quite possibly will release figures that show worse job cuts beyond the job report of July which was the largest in the last 16 months. At this time there are 16 million unemployed.

Read More: Polling_News_and_Notes_08_04_11.pdf (application/pdf Object).


Berman, J. (2011). Announced U.S. Job Cuts Jumped 59% in July.

Hassett, K. A. (2011). One for the History Books. National Review, August 15 Issue.


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