Immigration Transformation

Immigration For Families (IFF)

The Republican party must pay attention to the Hispanic growth in Texas but also for Florida. There is no reason to disbelieve that Hispanics shall not travel to Florida via automobile through Texas and air and sea into the various ports of Florida. There are many reasons why Hispanics love to live in both states: just one is both states’ names are of Spanish origin. But aside from that fact on history, for assumption sake, people of Hispanic origin love to live in the United States, i.e., something about the United States makes them want to live and work in this country whether it be for profit, education, practice of religion or speech, and security. Those are some of the reasons why this country exists. So, how shall the Republican party pay attention to Hispanic growth? Here comes the hypothesis. As the article, Hispanic Growth in Texas is “Big,” Just Like the State,” suggests, there is a certain ideology that appeals to Hispanics. In two parts this ideology comes from both the Republican and the Democratic parties. On the ideas of economy and immigration, Hispanics tend to side with the Democrats; on the ideas of social issues like abortion they tend to side with the Republicans. The nexus on the great message to Hispanics for the Republican party has not been reached. The work lies for the best presentation possible for explaining why the issues on the economy and immigration are better served by the Republican party.

The best way for Republicans to explain the issues on the economy and immigration is to relate the two. The economy is dependent on immigration. This is a direct relationship on understanding why that the Republican party’s belief in conservatism is so important for the United States of America. This relationship means that it relies on people or the population. The article states that the population of Hispanics has increased faster than other ethnic groups. Hispanic population growth has always been the major human resource gift to this country. Where do these people come from? The answer is strictly that they have to come from families. And, here is where the hypothesis can easily break down. Republicans hardly that much mention about family integration and immigration. Because the family believes in having children rather than aborting them, the need for family integration is extremely important. But what about the culture? Now, because the family believes in the cultural ties to its country of origin, the need for family immigration is twice extremely important. No family may develop without strong roots.

Therefore, immigration policy should never be separated from economic policy, as economy depends directly on immigration. There are many ways to solve this problem, but one clear way is to immigrate whole families into the United States one at a time. For assumption sake, the policy shall be named Immigration For Families (IFF). The proposition is to allow the immigration easily through law and regulation with a condition that the family be able to immigrate. Again, the reason for this is that Hispanics depend on their family structure, the whole of the family. The whole family is the sum of its parts. The goal of immigration policy should be to make citizens of all the parts of the family, i.e., never seeking to make a citizen only one person at a time, but the whole of the family at one time. This is not a radical attempt. Most families, when they move or travel, travel and move together for reasons beyond a state’s understanding. In families, parents care for their children and the elder and wiser relatives.

Immigration processing ideas shall be hypothesized in a later post.

Read More: Hispanic Growth in Texas is “Big,” Just Like the State | The Americano.


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