“Quick Pick” for U.S. Representative District 25 is David Rivera | James Patrick Guerrero

David Rivera is our nominee for the Republican Party in the general election. It is extremely important to get behind him and defeat Joe Garcia, the Democratic Party nominee. We are talking about electing him as our U.S. Representative, Florida District 25, for the U.S. Congress. David Rivera is our man and he will do the big job of creating jobs, minimizing taxes, reducing wasteful spending and unnecessary government regulation. I will have to go with David Rivera.


Man blows himself up trying to kill a spider – Telegraph

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Man blows himself up trying to kill a spider – Telegraph.

 Commentary: The moral of the story is don’t obey your wife when she asks you to kill a spider (family Araneidae). I often slow down when my wife commands me to kill a spider. Then, she calls me a coward. That’s all just fine with me. Hey, I’ll kill the spider my way, and still get the credit that I saved her.

Florida Primary Election : Naples Tea Party : Naples Blogs : Naples Daily News: Local Naples, Florida News Delivered Throughout the Day.

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Florida Primary Election : Naples Tea Party : Naples Blogs : Naples Daily News: Local Naples, Florida News Delivered Throughout the Day.  

Commentary: The points made by Mr. Barry Willoughby are simple. The Tea Party Movement consisting of regular voters made an enormous impact on the election process. The Tea Party opposes wasteful spending, higher taxes, big government programs and the intrusion of government into their lives. This means that Republican politicians should take serious note of the will of the voters in Florida. Now the time for action to get behind Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, and David Rivera, our nominees, has come. Here is a photograph of Marco Rubio, Republican nominee for U.S. Senator from Florida. 

Mexico nabs alleged drug lord ‘La Barbie’ – World news – Americas – Focus on Mexico – msnbc.com

VIDEO: Pujols Explains Appearance at Glenn Beck Rally – HUMAN EVENTS

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VIDEO: Pujols Explains Appearance at Glenn Beck Rally – HUMAN EVENTS.  

Commentary: Those who go public should speak about their belief in God if they really believe in God. And here is an example of a person who does so: Albert Pujols. At an important time when our country needs to hear belief in God, Albert steps up to bat. He spoke at the Glenn Beck 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally.  

About « SWFL 9.12 Project Candidate Watch

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About « SWFL 9.12 Project Candidate Watch.  

Dear Deana Bess, F. Preston and (sic) “Guerrero is a cheat,”  

The republican primary for my race for Florida House District 112 is now over. I would like to respond to your accusations of cheating and so forth. Maybe the best way to respond is to answer your questions and concerns. Absolutely, I understand that these answers may not alleviate your intellect and decision-making with regard to my running for office. Actually, I respect the SWFL 9.12 Project and believe in most, if not all, of its premises. So, I would like to respond because the SWFL 9.12 Project’s principles are part of my principles, too. But, principles and the application of principles are two different things. When we understand and present the principles right, then we can begin the work on the application of those principles. Sometimes, circumstances exist when the best applications of those principles can not be met. Nevertheless, thank you for your help in the vetting process.  

Here goes one question and concern at a time.  

1. To Deana Bess posted April 17, 2010 at 11:23 pm   

Concern: James Patrick Guerrero (R) candidate for US House of Representatives, District 25 and FL Representative District 112. (He is registered for both positions on the FL Supervisor of Elections web site; I confirmed it’s the same person, same address, etc.)  

E-mail: jamespatrickguerrero@gmail.com  

Petitions: 66 petitions verified as of 3/11/10  

Campaign Finance: None as of this date.  

Web Sites: Linked in site: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jamespatrickguerrero, http://www.candidatejamespatrickguerrero.com/  

Blog: https://jamespatrick1.wordpress.com for political issues and general comments.  

Self-Employed contractor: http://www.politics1.com/fl.htm

His web site outlines specifics but to paraphrase, it is focused on right to life, family values, and religious beliefs.

Local events:  

He was a speaker at the Collier County Republican Club meeting on April 12th.  

Answer: All is correct. I wanted to run for U.S. Congressional Representative for Florida District 25. I had to change to a plan B. Residents from Ave Maria, Florida viciously attacked me and the family. I know the names. A resident posted an extremely defamatory web site against my name, business, family, and religion. I began my congressional campaign at the The Bean and the Quasi-Parish Oratory of Ave Maria, Florida, but some residents, some Ave Maria University administrators and employees, and even some officers of the Knights of Columbus defamed my name and family, and under this attack I could obtain only 66 signed petitions for U.S. Congressional representative. From my own Ave Maria community, I did not receive the support to propel me forward, even though I am a Catholic pro-life candidate. Instead, I decided to run for the Florida House District 112, which David Rivera left open seat.  

2. To Deana Boss posted April 17, 2010 at 11:24 pm   

Concern: I just tried the merchantcircle link again and the article is no longer there. Sorry about that!  

Answer: A search by my friend revealed this MerchantCircle web site. I don’t remember logging a new account to the MerchantCircle web site. It is against the law to log an account using some other business name. The negative posts in that web site were made by a resident and business in Ave Maria against my business. Since the postings were untrue, I claimed this business listing and deleted the listing, as I suspected that I did not open the listing. If you need to view copies of the postings, I have them.  

3. To F. Preston posted July 4, 2010 at 6:17 am   

Concern: Mr. James Patrick Guerrero was in fact a speaker at the Collier Republican Club. He spoke about the right to life at every chance, even when it did not apply to the question. He also said something that really caught my attention, he was running because this was an opportunity to get his name known. Then I saw he was running for Congress.  

This candidate is lacking a great sense of awareness and community work. He made me feel as if a priest was running and not someone who could help Florida. He is very stiff and almost feels like I am back in college.  

He has little experience, is unapproachable, and worst of all has a chip on his shoulder because he wanted to be appointed to the school board or something.  

Added note, he could never win as no one knows him in Collier and in Miami-Dade he cannot get elected not knowing any Spanish, but claiming to be Spanish. Confusing person.  

Answer: I have spoken at lot in my life as a husband, father, businessman, college teacher, lector, and leader. Actually, when I was a child, I had to overcome an affliction of stuttering. Yes, really. My education and training, the Marine Corps, combat, and business helped me completely overcome it. I always speak about the right to life. Because of the economy, I decided to leave construction and insurance and go into politics in December 2009. I applied for an appointment to the Collier County School Board to replace Richard Calabrese, District 5. I was short-listed by Matt Hudson to one of six candidates. I did study theology in the minor seminary, so at one time I had an aspiration to become a priest. I believe I already have helped Florida. I was interviewed by Governor Charlie Crist, and Crist selected Roy Terry. My mother did not teach me Spanish because many Texans discouraged Spanish-speaking for upward mobility. This is history. I learned Spanish in Miami while I was adjusting Hurricane Andrew claims. My Spanish-speaking is inadequate, but I’m about as Spanish as one can get. I do not see Spanish inadequacy as an impediment in politics because I can better learn and write it (and Creole) when I’m ready. My background is more of a mix of education and cultural experience. As to whether I could win an election, the question really is when I can win an election. I received 1001 votes in the Florida Republican primary 2010.  

4. To “Guerrero is a cheat” posted July 8, 2010 at 8:01 pm   

Concern: Guerrero has been displined by the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY LICENSING BOARD. Note the following judgement from their disciplinary hearings:

Scroll down to page 12 of the document to read about his discipline.  

Case #(s): 2006-066309
James Patrick Guerrero
License #(s): CG C057102
3101 SW 190 Avenue
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33332-1370
Probation for 2 years
Satisfy civil judgement obtained by Antwaian M. Crawford.
Pay administrative fines in the amount of $10,000 and costs of $171.35
No one present at hearing

Answer: I am a general contractor and roofing contractor licensed in the State of Florida, although my roofing license is inactive at this time. These professions are my livelihood to support my family. I appealed Case #2006-066309 to the Second District Court of Appeals in a pro se application. I won the appeal, and, currently, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation must work with me so that I can timely pay the civil judgment that I owe to Antwian Crawford. The administrative fine of $10,000 is only retrospective if I do not pay the judgment. The judgment is $5,000 and the court costs are $171.35. If I could pay the judgment, I would. My economic circumstance does not allow me to do so at this time. I am out of work, and I am meeting the most obligatory expenses for my family. When the hearing was set, I could not attend because I overlooked a mail notice that I received late and I was moving to Naples at the time. This was the basis for my appeal.  

5. To “Guerrero is a cheat” posted July 13, 2010 at 11:23 am   

Concern: Here are links to the two court cases where James Patrick Guerrero was evicted from two different homes in Naples for non payment of rent and damages to personal property.  

Answer: The other eviction that was filed in Collier County was 2054 Fairmont Lane, Naples, Florida 34120. The owner of this property is Jack Schwartz. Jack Schwartz actually evicted us; it is true and sad. I have never been evicted in 28 years of marriage and family life. Again, the sign of the times and economic circumstances surrounding our life prevented the payment of rent on a timely basis. I was out of work. Jack Schwartz had also filed for damages. He did evict us, but he did not pursue his damage claim. We had to leave and departed the property as clean as possible, and fortunately we found a rental in Ave Maria. Again, I still owe Jack Schwartz, and I will pay this small debt, as soon as I am able.  

6. To “Guerrero is a cheat” posted August 3, 2010 at 11:10 am   

Concern: James Patrick Guerrero has not paid his Collier County tax bill in close to two years-follow the link below for more details. This guy has been sued and evicted numerous times, is almost two years delinquent on his tax bill, and has the gall to run for state representative. It’s not a surprise he’s running dead last in every poll.  

Answer: Laura and I owe the Collier County Tax Collector for the one 2010 tax bill, not two years. I wish I could pay it. Because of the defamation to my name and business and the inability to find work, it has been a suffering to endure to be in a situation to not pay this tax bill. We have tried to sell the land, but the market is so bad that raw land will not sell. Do you know any buyers for the pristine 20 acres?  

7. To “Guerrero is a cheat” posted August 11, 2010 at 2:29 pm  

Question: Why is it that James Patrick Guerrero lists his address in all of his campaign literature as 1965 Platt Rd., when according to Collier County property appraiser and Collier County Tax Collector records 1965 Platt Rd. is a vacant lot?  

Answer: My Florida homestead is this “vacant lot” consisting of 20 acres of farm property owned by my wife, Laura, and me. The United States Post Office allows us to maintain an address here. Naturally, one would put their address at the property one owns, and this is the only property we own. Collier County impact fees are too high for us to build on this property. Because of the proximity of this land to wetlands, mitigation measures and expensive costs are required to build. We would like to live on this land, but it is economically impossible for us to do so at this time. Our economic situation is still stagnant.  

8. To “Guerrero is a cheat” posted August 11, 2010 at 2:29 pm  

Question: Could it be because the owner of the house that Guerrero and his wife are renting in Ave Maria has taken him to court and is attempting to evict him for non-payment of rent?  

Answer: William Kabry, the owner of the house we rented on 3321 Steinbeck Way, Ave Maria, FL 34142, filed an eviction lawsuit in Collier County Court. The complaint was non-payment of rent. The judge did not proceed with the eviction but neither did he dismiss the lawsuit, and the judge allowed us to rent because the rent was already paid up. We continued to rent until June 22, a month beyond our lease termination date. Not to be exact, but the rent was late about eight (8) days. William Kabry is not the real owner. There is a trust which he manages for his family that is the real owner. We contracted the lease with William Kabry. This whole incident occurred because a resident of Ave Maria, posing as an Ave Maria University professor, called William Kabry and reported the eviction by Jack Schwartz. William Kabry reported this telephone call to us. William Kabry gave us the name of the caller.  


In summary, I tell people that I’m poor but I’m happy. I live in a spirit of poverty: I can live in good economic times and in bad. Right now are bad economic times. Nevertheless, I never abandon my family and leave them leaderless. There is debt, and debt is not cheating. Debt is something one owes. Cheating is premeditated taking of one’s property for keeps. My analysis of the above postings is as follows.  

I counted one vetting process, one business defamation concern, one concerned reaction to a speech I gave, one disciplinary action to a judgment concern, two eviction lawsuits, one property tax debt, and one address question. In humor, would a poor family not have these types of issues in tough economic times? 1. I appreciate the vetting. 2. To keep my business in perspective, I have never filed for bankruptcy, but yet many individuals around me have. I have always been in business and still am in business. I know that I can’t please everybody. 3. Not everyone pleases me, but I do tolerate everyone. 4. I owe two judgments, and many others owe judgments. Having a debt may mean an imperfect application of a principle. Everyone has debts. 5. Anyone can file a lawsuit. Having a lawsuit does not make the defendant imperfect for office. Having a lawsuit may mean an imperfect application of a principle. Everyone has conflicts. 6. By the way, I do not believe in property taxes which is one of the principles of the SWFL 9.12, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t pay it. It’s the law. Remember the land can be foreclosed on the tax certificate, so hasn’t the best application of the principle occurred. 7. My homestead is in Collier County at 1965 Platt Rd, Naples, FL 34120, where I receive my mail all the time.  

Yes, I, a businessman, have taken a loss in bad economic times. This is precisely why I am running for office: because the government over-regulates, passes anti-business climate laws, taxes property, and legally over-burdens poor people.   

Somehow I think the overused cliche, “barking up the wrong tree,” applies here. Why not let your guard down? I’m not going to hurt you. With what do I have to hurt you? Nothing. I want to help the citizens of Florida and especially the District 112 with what I have learned and experienced. I would like to represent the working class, especially those out of work, businessmen and women, the youth, the young adults, and the poor, all with there particular problems that I have actually experienced. Am I capable, you ask? I always answer yes, i.e., I’m trained and strong to handle all of these types of problems. I’m a steel drivin’ man. If you try to measure me by what you know, you’re making a mistake. Rather, measure me by the way I lead by example. I won’t ask you to do something I won’t do myself.  

Once again, thank you for being a good citizen on my vetting process. My best to your families.  


James Patrick Guerrero