Emotional Marine Corps Exhibit Opens in Va. | NBC4 Washington

Emotional Marine Corps Exhibit Opens in Va. | NBC4 Washington.


Jeb Bush: Common Core critics care too much about kids’ self-esteem

Why does Jeb Bush push Common Core? According to his statements, American children will not keep pace with the world, and the rest of the world “will have the capacity to eat our lunch.”  More rhetoric.  I believe Bush has a personal agenda.  He’s worried our children will be uneducated.  I worry children will be uneducated because the state will write standards, testing and judgments on what is and what is not successful.

Jeb Bush: Common Core critics care too much about kids’ self-esteem.

daddi and I | Poem | James Pat Guerréro

daddi and I

We build the sky like two flies

Two flies rising in the morning

Riding the road to good byes

We were alive adjourning


Oft the house of life departing

To the economic work reporting

Leaving family behind a farthing

Our whereabouts they are sorting


We build the life of longing

Two flies swirling in the life

We seek the light of belonging

Into deep space set in rife


Harbinger stares through the slit

We build instead the tailored cleft

It's the problem of the steel bit

In the happiness that turns bereft


Like two flies buzzing flying

What spastic flights do not lend

We would rather be spying

Just be there where no one send


The Fly Lords echelon the Flying Lord

Acceptably counting the flaps of wings

We build the net of knot and cord

Catching the good as the Tinker sings


We build the hollow dark

Descending low in time relived

Ascent comes ahead as lark

Evades the upward path revived


Two flies, as one goes first

Up the spiral flight out of sky

Into the wake of cumulus thirst

Last fly builds firm in rely