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Emotional Marine Corps Exhibit Opens in Va. | NBC4 Washington

Posted in U.S. Marine Corps by James Pat Guerréro on 03/31/2014

Boehner and Hungary’s Orban Meet to Discuss Natural Gas Exports |

Posted in Hungary, U.s. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee by James Pat Guerréro on 03/30/2014

03-25-14 at 16-59-08Excellent use of economic sanction against Russia for Ukraine from the U. S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee.

Boehner and Hungary’s Orban Meet to Discuss Natural Gas Exports |

Jeb Bush: Common Core critics care too much about kids’ self-esteem

Posted in U.S. Department of Education by James Pat Guerréro on 03/30/2014

Why does Jeb Bush push Common Core? According to his statements, American children will not keep pace with the world, and the rest of the world “will have the capacity to eat our lunch.”  More rhetoric.  I believe Bush has a personal agenda.  He’s worried our children will be uneducated.  I worry children will be uneducated because the state will write standards, testing and judgments on what is and what is not successful.

Jeb Bush: Common Core critics care too much about kids’ self-esteem.

Exclusive Interview: Why Ted Cruz Is Optimistic About 2014

Posted in U.S. Senate by James Pat Guerréro on 03/29/2014

I like Senator Ted Cruz, but I like his lucchese black ostrich boots better!

Exclusive Interview: Why Ted Cruz Is Optimistic About 2014.

daddi and I | Poem | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Poetry by James Pat Guerréro on 03/28/2014

daddi and I

We build the sky like two flies

Two flies rising in the morning

Riding the road to good byes

We were alive adjourning


Oft the house of life departing

To the economic work reporting

Leaving family behind a farthing

Our whereabouts they are sorting


We build the life of longing

Two flies swirling in the life

We seek the light of belonging

Into deep space set in rife


Harbinger stares through the slit

We build instead the tailored cleft

It's the problem of the steel bit

In the happiness that turns bereft


Like two flies buzzing flying

What spastic flights do not lend

We would rather be spying

Just be there where no one send


The Fly Lords echelon the Flying Lord

Acceptably counting the flaps of wings

We build the net of knot and cord

Catching the good as the Tinker sings


We build the hollow dark

Descending low in time relived

Ascent comes ahead as lark

Evades the upward path revived


Two flies, as one goes first

Up the spiral flight out of sky

Into the wake of cumulus thirst

Last fly builds firm in rely

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President Obama Wins One | Newt Gingrich

Posted in United Nations by James Pat Guerréro on 03/28/2014


Obama Wins One

President Obama Wins One

President Obama Wins One.

Blacklisted? Kevin Sorbo on Being Shunned by Liberal Hollywood

Posted in Tradition by James Pat Guerréro on 03/28/2014

ADL Condemns Clear Holocaust Denial by Ayatollah Khamenei During His National Address | ADL

Posted in Iran by James Pat Guerréro on 03/28/2014

Common Core à la Lizbeth Benacquisto and Ghost Madalyn Murray O’Hair: A Political Analysis – Part 2 | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Florida's 19th Congressional District Special Election 2014, Fort Myers FL by James Pat Guerréro on 03/27/2014

lizbeth benacquisto

Lizbeth Benaquisto

Many Republicans get in line and file through the door, like the good Republican Lizbeth Benacquisto.  Thinking for herself is not required on her voting resume.  For instance, Common Core is one of those lapses in Benacquisto’s thought.  Political standardization might help a deficient memory just in time for the event a bad decision is made, like Common Core standardizes goals to help students prepare for college, and career, and life.

Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair never had a lapse in thought or made a bad decision.  Could she have flinched in the drive to rid public schools of bible readings?  She not even welcomed Dr. James Dobson to teach on the air waves.  O’Hair accomplished more atheistical in the public school system than anyone in American history.  Her ghost lives proudly and could impossibly make bad decisions.

Common Core was rejected by all the Republican candidates at the first debate (really a forum), including Lizbeth Benacquisto.[1]  But Benacquisto had co-introduced and voted for Common Core (SB1076); then, she somehow changed her mind, without retracting her vote.[2]  Having already chosen the Republican sense, she had followed the crowd led by Jeb Bush and most Republicans who have been for Common Core all along.[3]  But her memory had had a lapse of the fact she was also running for Florida’s 19th Congressional District Special Election.

The Common Core State Standards Initiative was begun in 2009 by the National Governors Association, composed of governors, and the Council of Chief State School Officers, composed of commissioners of education.[4]  These days when the leadership wants to improve education for kindergarten through 20th grade, a new standard has to be developed because the status quo is simply not good enough.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair went so far as to remove public prayer because bullying lowered her son’s status.  Amongst many accomplishments she achieved the universal reversal of education: taking away education for all to engender kindness for one person.  Education for O’Hair was a merry-go-round, in the sense of going nowhere, for everyone to get off for one person to ride – and everyone still had to pay his ticket for his favorite horse.

Lizbeth Benacquisto, like Jeb Bush, pushes Common Core, too.  Education “as is” is proof that standardization will improve education.  Another way of stating this is:  Money unspent “as is” is proof that standardization will improve education.  Republicans always have to find a way to ethically spend hard-earned taxpayers’ money – to ethically fill some other corporate pocket.

In other words, it was developed by two associations. Which group of citizens in the entire country asked them to develop the standards? Who is really behind the development for monetary purposes?  Money is!

The state observing a lack of standardization begs the question that standardization is the better good.  But, what is the proof of this?  Where is the evidence? How did the state arrive at this?  Benacquisto does not think this out:  her vote springs far sinister from down under the safer leap to the idea that a LACK of standardization might be the better good.

Madalyn Murray O’Hair took prayer out of schools. Benacquisto now takes civil freedom and religious liberty out of schools.

To pray and to read the bible in school should be civil freedoms; yet, the O’Hair ghost lives today.  To learn and to teach in school are also civil freedoms; but already Benacquisto dramatizes a ghostlike presence. But this ghost-likeness could possibly make bad decisions.



[2] (page 3, line 77-78)



The Pope Talked to Obama Today About Religious Liberty | The Heritage Foundation

Posted in Vatican by James Pat Guerréro on 03/27/2014


Pope Francis / President Obama

Pope Francis / President Obama

The Pope Talked to Obama Today About Religious Liberty.

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