Conservative and innovative immigration policy is essential for today’s Republican party. I believe illegal immigration is immoral, but I would have to agree that I need to find ways to understand and to best present that. All my life as a Mexican-American, I have favored immigration. I want to see all nationalities come legally to this country, the United States, because this country is the place, even today, to fulfill the American dream. However, if we don’t pay attention to illegal immigrants, then we dilute our country with non-American representation and non-usable resources that will stifle the needs of American citizens and permanent residents of all heritages. So, we must find ways to present the pluses without discouraging with the minuses.


Opinions on Some Vital Issues

I was asked for an opinion on a series of vital issues from a serious independent thinker. Please find the issues/questions below. I will answer each issue as carefully as possible in time via blog comments.

1. What is your Faith and do you practice your Faith?

2. What is your stand on Abortion/Partial Birth Abortion/Euthanasia?

3. What is your stand on Homosexual/Lesbian marriage and would you support any laws that defend same sex marriage/ adoption/health benefits/ long term care benefits/and spousal support.

4. How would you have voted in the Terry Schiavo case?

5. Do you believe that the Florida Supreme Court voted correctly in the Schiavo case?

6. What is your opinion on Term Limits for Elected Officials?

7. What is your plan to turn the economy around for the SouthWest Florida district that you will represent?

8. As an elected official, would you have taken an monies that the government offered in the Stimulus plan, even if it meant that your family would have gained but the rest of the Floridian patriotic’s would have suffered the consequences?

9. How will you best assist the southwest region of Florida in obtaining all that you promise in Washington DC, the political cess pool of the nation?

10. Have you always voted strict “party lines” (R) and if Yes, why and if Not then why? What has been your consistent voting record with regard to your own personal issues?

11. What is your opinion on the situation in Israel? Do you support a 2 state solution and if so, where do you think Israel should draw the line? Do you support expanding the settlements?

12. The ONE campaign? Are you a supporter of this campaign?

13. Do you support the US rejoining UNESCO per the prior Bush administration?

14. What is your opinion on school choice/vouchers?

15. What is your opinion on Embryonic stem cell research?

16. Do you support the elimination of the US Dept of Energy or Education?

17. What is your opinion of the way the US Congress delegated their Constitutional authority to the President when considering an invasion in to Iraq?

19. What are your thoughts on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Do you believe that we should stay the course or retreat?

Worldchangers of Florida, Inc. Spiritual Guidance

Steps that one person can take to know he is one with God. Answer to yourself the following questions in order.

  1. What am I thinking?
  2. Is this from the Spirit of God?
  3. Read Holy Scripture to confirm this.
  4. What are the existing and present circumstances?

Then, all the answers together will help the person to know he is one with God in that moment, action, activity, thought or decision.

Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart

I congratulate Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart for his dedication and service to the country. Mr. Diaz-Balart knows there is a price for freedom – the price is high. He diligently worked during his term in office to guaranty these freedoms. I wish him and his family continued success. THANK YOU, HONORABLE LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART!

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center and Illegal Immigrants

The Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center said the illegal immigrants give to the American economy. I would bet that they really give to the economies of other nations, while they contribute to our economy. Advocates of illegal immigrants tend to miss that Americans really care about illegal immigrants, they just don’t want to neglect Americans, which is what happens. American poor and the working class out of work are the ones who are hurting. All immigrants who want to become American citizens should honestly try to become American citizens first, if they can leave their families and culture back in their country. The United States is still the place to fulfill the American dream.

Illegal Immigration

Republican candidate for the United States Senate from the State of Florida, Marco Rubio, proposes that illegal immigrants should not be counted in the 2010 census. Illegal immigration demonstrates something critical about conflicting goals. Some Americans want to support the illegal immigrants in America, while other Americans want to support Americans who are already legal citizens. Many citizens, of course, are naturalized (born here). The first priority (and I can demonstrate this on a moral basis) are Americans who are already legal citizens. The second priority is to seek federal money to support American citizens. That dollar amount of federal money obtained may be diluted, true. But, certainly and first, American citizens are not diluted. Dilution of American citizens means that they will be even less supported. At this time, they need support, i.e., our own poor and out of work. I suggest the song, “Money Does Not Buy You Love,” does apply here. Marco Rubio will propose that illegal immigration not be counted in the census, which is morally correct.