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RSC Update: Cut, Cap, & Balance | Republican Study Committee

Posted in Republican Study Committee by James Pat Guerréro on 05/31/2011


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

RSC Update: Cut, Cap, & Balance

From the Chairman

Two weeks ago, the federal government bumped up against its legal borrowing limit of $14.292 trillion. To President Obama and many other Democrats, that just means it’s time to raise the debt ceiling, with no strings attached. So this afternoon, the House will vote on a bill that would up the legal debt limit by $2.4 trillion without making a single spending cut. Republicans will vote against this bill, and it will not pass. However, this vote will prove to Democrats once and for all that the debt limit cannot be raised without major spending cuts.

There is only one plan on the table that will force the spending cuts needed to fend off the coming debt crisis. It’s called “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” This three-pronged approach would cut next year’s deficit in half, cap spending at 18% of GDP so it aligns with average revenues, and send a strong Balanced Budget Amendment to the states for ratification.

Washington must not be given another blank check, which would only accelerate the debt crisis that threatens our economy. Spending must be cut. If Democrats truly want to raise the debt limit, they should be prepared to “Cut, Cap, and Balance.”

God Bless,

Congressman Jim Jordan

Chairman, Republican Study Committee

RSC Media Activity – RSC members work hard to ensure that the conservative viewpoint is well-represented in all corners of the media. Visit our Media Center for more.

· Rep. Joe Walsh (IL-08): President Obama Is Not Israel’s Friend; Daily Caller, May 26.

· Rep. Darrell Issa (CA-49): Obama’s Bad Policy, Harmful Regulations Add to Gas Prices; U.S. News & World Report, May 27.

· Rep. Tom Graves (GA-09): Government: No. 1 Job Destroyer; Washington Times, May 30.

RSC Member Activity – RSC members make it a priority to introduce productive, conservative solutions for America’s future.

· Rep. Brian Bilbray (CA-50) introduced legislation that would allow states to opt out of complying with federal mandates for corn ethanol use and expand the definition of advanced biofuels.

· Rep. Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) introduced H.R. 2002 to restore educational benefit fairness to veterans and their families.

· Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA-05) introduced a Congressional resolution to stop U.S. tax dollars from being used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for bailouts of European countries.

House Floor Activity – The following key legislation came through the House of Representatives recently.

· On Wednesday, the House passed H.R. 1216, which rescinds any unobligated funds that were appropriated in ObamaCare for teaching health centers to expand or establish programs that provide graduate medical education training to medical residents.

· On Thursday, the House passed H.R. 1540, the FY-2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which authorizes a total of $690.1 billion for Fiscal Year 2012 for Department of Defense programs within the jurisdiction of the Armed Services Committee.

· On Thursday, the House passed the PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011, which extends by four years two expiring provisions of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005 and one provision of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 scheduled to expire last Friday.

Outlook – A quick look at what’s on the horizon.

· Tonight, the House will vote on a $2.4 trillion debt limit increase with no spending cuts attached. It is widely expected to fail.

· On Wednesday, House Republicans are scheduled to meet with President Obama at the White House, and the House is expected to debate Rep. Kucinich’s Libya War Powers Resolution.

· On Thursday, House Democrats are scheduled to meet with President Obama at the White House, and the House is expected to debate the 2012 Homeland Security Appropriations Act.

· On Friday, the House is expected to debate the 2012 MilCon-VA Appropriations Act.

RSC Reports

· Each week the House is in session, the RSC Budget and Spending Taskforce compiles a weekly report on the latest budget and spending news. Additionally, the RSC Money Monitor tracks how bills passed by the House affect authorizations, mandatory spending, and federal government revenue.


House Republican Study Committee
Rep. Jim Jordan, Chairman

Paul Teller, Executive Director
Brad Watson, Policy Director
Bruce “Fez” Miller, Professional Policy Staff

Joe Murray, Professional Policy Staff
Curtis Rhyne, Professional Policy Staff

Ja’Ron Smith, Professional Policy Staff
Wesley Goodman, Director of Conservative Coalitions and State Outreach

Yong Choe, Director of Business Outreach and Member Services
Brian Straessle, Communications Director
Ben Miller, Deputy Communications Director
Cyrus Artz, Research Assistant

1524 Longworth House Office BuildingWashington, DC 20515
(202) 226-9717

Cartoons By Clayton Liotta @DickMorris.Com: Israel’s Rolled Back Borders | Dick Morris

Posted in Israel by James Pat Guerréro on 05/31/2011


Published on on May 31, 2011

Dear Friend,

Obama thinks that by exposing Israel by forcing her to accept indefensible borders he can achieve peace. For a humorous take on this grim subject, view the cartoon below by our cartoonist Clayton Liotta.

Please forward this email to any friends or family who may be interested in viewing Cartoons By Clayton Liotta @DickMorris.Com!




Cartoons By Clayton Liotta @DickMorris.Com: Israel’s Rolled Back Borders - Click Here!


Ex-Intel Chairman Hoekstra Says There’s “Dissent And Dislike” For Pres At CIA – HUMAN EVENTS | John Gizzi

Posted in U.S. Intelligence by James Pat Guerréro on 05/31/2011

The former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said last week that there is an undercurrent of “dissent and dislike” for President Obama among the rank-and-file of the Central Intelligence Agency. This hostility, former Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.) told HUMAN EVENTS, is the result of the continuing investigations of CIA agents regarding enhanced interrogation techniques of suspected terrorists—investigations, he emphasized, “of which the President and [U.S. Attorney General] Eric Holder should say, ‘These proceedings are closed.’”

In a wide-ranging interview from his Western Michigan home at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, Hoekstra—who served as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee from 2002-06–gave poor grades to the Obama Administration for its handling of U.S. intelligence operations

“And what’s really amazing is that all the things in the realm of intelligence that Obama badmouthed as a candidate in ’08, he has now embraced as President,” said Hoekstra, “He has been much more aggressive in the use of predator drones than the Bush Administration was. The Obama Administration has acknowledged that enhanced interrogation techniques helped get the information that led to the successful raid on bin Laden’s compound. And President Obama has never closed down the U.S. operation at Guantanamo, as Candidate Obama promised to do over and over again. Under Obama, the U.S. has continued the policy of unlimited detentions and the use of military tribunals.”

“Quite frankly, who would have thought Barack Obama would have sent an assassination team to get bin Laden?”

And what is most stunning in Obama embracing the tactics in fighting terrorism from what he so harshly criticized as a candidate, Hoekstra added, “is that he won’t now say he was wrong in the first place.”

As the most recent example of Obama reversing his ’08 positions on counter-terrorism, Hoekstra pointed to the President’s signing last week of the extension of the portions of the Patriot Act that were going to expire while he was at the meeting of G-20 leaders in Paris.

“The reason the Patriot Act has to be extended and done so in segments it has,” said the former congressman, “is that people such as Barack Obama [when he was senator from Illinois] kept warning that its enactment would lead to the curtailing of civil liberties and these were the compromises that had to be made in order to pass it.”

Hoekstra noted that, in contrast to the wartime restrictions enacted during the Civil War and World Wars I and II, “there has been no curtailing of civil liberties since the Patriot Act was passed.  The Attorney General now makes it clear he would have no problem with seeing it enacted permanently.  And the President obviously had to awaken while he was in Paris to sign the Patriot Act extension right after the Senate passed the extensions.  Obviously, the Administration thought so much of the Act that it  did not want to go for even a few minutes without the authority contained in it on the books.”

Hoekstra believes that Leon Panetta did an outstanding job as CIA director.  Now the President’s nominee for secretary of defense, Panetta, according to Hoekstra “was essentially a foil between the White House and the intelligence community that very clearly does not think much of the President.
Although I have been skeptical about someone from the military overseeing the CIA because the cultures are too different, I know Gen. [David] Petraeus well from my time at the Intelligence Community and I feel he will do very well as [CIA] director.”

As much as Hoekstra feels Obama has reversed himself and embraced most of the Bush agenda in combating terror, he feels most passionately that the President’s next step must to be to put a stop to the continuing Justice Department investigations into Bush-era interrogators.  Until the President and Attorney General Eric Holder do that, he said “the dissent and dislike for the President among the rank-and-file of the CIA will continue.”

via Ex-Intel Chairman Hoekstra Says There’s “Dissent And Dislike” For Pres At CIA – HUMAN EVENTS.

Sr. Jeannine Gramick Lectures on LGBT Agenda at Catholic Fairfield University | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Fairfield CT by James Pat Guerréro on 05/31/2011

A Blasphemy Alert: Petition against nun who blasphemed
Our Lord and Saint John as homosexuals and
will lecture at Catholic Fairfield University!

Sr. Jeannine Gramick will lecture as part of the following series of events on accepting LGBT behavior. Sister was formally reprimanded by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the faith.

The dates, titles, and locations of the four events are:

  • Learning to Listen: Voices of Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church Fordham University, Lincoln Center Campus, New York, NY – Friday, September 16
  • Pro-Queer Life: Youth Suicide Crisis, Catholic Education, and the Souls of LGBTQ People, Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY – Saturday, October 1
  • Same-Sex Marriage and the Catholic Church: Voices from Law, Religion, and the Pews Yale Divinity School, New Haven, CT – Saturday, October 22
  • The Care of Souls: Sexual Diversity, Celibacy, and Ministry
    Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT – Saturday, October 29

The “Care of Souls” conference addresses the roles and responsibilities of Catholics who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender in the Church’s ministries. The focus will be on both lay and ordained. All Christians through baptism are equal members of the Church. How is this equality realized in ministry to LGBT Catholics, and how do their human experience and their gifts enrich the whole community of faith? How are the celibacy of clergy and the Church’s sanction of celibacy on LGBT people relevant to this discussion? How do they work for and participate in a church that denies them an essential element of themselves? What are the special challenges they face in their responsibilities towards the whole community of faith, and what are the special graces they bring to pastoral ministry?

First, the LGBT agenda moves to declare there is nothing morally wrong with LGBT behavior by arguing that it is accepted by everyone. This red herring argument has no basis. Second, LGBT agenda moves to liberate the “world” (especially that of LGBT) using Christian dialectic. Third, LGBT becomes part of the Church that they accuse in blasphemy by calling its head, Jesus Christ, and St. John, homosexuals. Send an e-protest to Fairfield University.

Send E-Protest today: E0303 protest | Protest.

Defeat the Immokalee Area Master Plan Entirely | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Immokalee FL by James Pat Guerréro on 05/31/2011

Not composing a supermajority, two of the five lawmakers on the Collier County Commission believe that the idea of government economic development is not correct for Immokalee growth. It is profoundly correct to defeat the Immokalee Area Master Plan entirely. In due time the Republican In Name Only (RINO) controlled Commission may be defeated in the next election which could turn around the impetus for this particular plan. The Master Plan is rife with government programming that surely needs to be reviewed. Immokalee growth would be more served by private enterprise economic development if the government would allow it.

Read More: Master Plan adoption postponed indefinitely – Immokalee: Florida in the 21st Century.

Was Salazar Machine Company a “Winner?” | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Immokalee FL by James Pat Guerréro on 05/31/2011

Immokalee, FL: The Federal, State and Collier County provided taxpayer funds in the form of a grant to incentivize Salazar Machine Company and called it economic stimulus. This is not an example of a free market economy in Collier County, and it may not last. Although it is tempting to call this particular incentivization an example of picking winners and losers, the idea of economic incentives by grants from the U.S. Department of Agriculture does exactly that because it is doctrinally planned economic development. The Federal, State, and local Collier County governments should not be involved in “creating jobs.” It should allow the opportunity for the free market to operate by reducing fees, regulation and interference to allow the private sector do what it does best: create jobs and investment opportunities.

Read More: Immokalee’s Salazar Machine Company to break ground on expanded factory – Immokalee: Florida in the 21st Century.

Class of 2011: Values, academics important to Donahue Academy valedictorian » Naples Daily News

Posted in Ave Maria FL by James Pat Guerréro on 05/31/2011

Café con Libertad…31 de Mayo | Heritage Libertad

Posted in Tradition by James Pat Guerréro on 05/31/2011

31 de Mayo, 2011
Cafe con Libertad…31 de Mayo

Nuestra particular ronda exploratoria de la actualidad con noticias y artículos muy interesantes que Ud. no se debe perder.

  • Libre comercio: “El elemento central de la agenda comercial de Estados Unidos —un trío de acuerdos internacionales que generaría US$13.000 millones en nuevas exportaciones para ese país— se ve amenazado por la disputa entre congresistas republicanos y demócratas” debido al programa Asistencia por Ajustes Comerciales (TAA, por sus siglas en inglés),
  • Cambio climático: “Tras las apocalípticas predicciones sobre el cambio climático o Fukushima un grupo de influyentes blogs ha decidido ‘premiar’ al mayor alarmista‘”. Por lo que acabamos de ver, Merkel sería una digna ganadora del premio, aunque la competencia será dura. “El premio se entregará, con la ironía que caracteriza a toda la iniciativa, el próximo 5 de junio, Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente”. Reír por no llorar…

Y para cerrar esta ronda, no se olvide de leer el artículo de la Campana de Heritage, “El Día de los Caídos 2011”, los iraníes retienen en el aire el avión de Angela Merkel y “Big Foot” se aparece en un bosque de Washington.

Atencion: Medios de la Prensa:

Por favor, no dude en comunicarse con nosotros en caso le podamos dar una entrevista o comentar acerca de los temas que aquí tratamos o de otros temas de interés. Tenemos expertos que hablan español, dispuestos a hablar con los medios de comunicación.

Por favor, sírvase llamar al israel.ortega

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Aye, Bad Dog Nicole Levine! | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Naples FL by James Pat Guerréro on 05/30/2011

Nicole E. Levine (25) bit her roommate (23) on the hand and biceps for being “angry” to her dog. Her female roommate said the dog “always” gets in the way, so she kicked him. That didn’t go well with Levine – the moral of the story is, ‘one who kicks small dogs, gets bit – not by the dog, but by the roommate!’ The dog must be small, and Levine must be big. Aye, bad dog Nicole Levine!

Read More:: Roommates’ argument over dog ends with (human) bites, deputies say » Naples Daily News.

Help Veteran’s Mobilize This Memorial Day | Dick Morris

Posted in Tradition by James Pat Guerréro on 05/30/2011

Dear Friend,

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for the men and women who are fighting in our armed forces. But, conscious as I am of how inadequate the rewards we can offer them on their return, I feel a bit helpless.

So I seized on the opportunity to endorse the work of this wonderful Veterans group and to send you their mailing for free. Their work at advocacy, direct aid, and material assistance to our deserving Vets singles them out, so I wanted to bring their work to your attention.


Dick Morris

Did you feel BETRAYED when the VFW-PAC threw its unflinching support to progressives and socialists who have openly and proudly opposed our troops; such as Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Shelia Jackson Lee, Anthony Weiner, Jesse Jackson, Alan Grayson, Harry "This-War-Is-Lost" Reid, Barbara "Don’t-Call-Me-Ma’am" Boxer and Dick Durbin, the man who compared our brave men and women in uniform to "NAZIs"?

Did you feel betrayed when the VFW-PAC, an organization that was supposed to represent brave and patriotic men and women who fought and bled on foreign soil to stop the spread of tyranny and socialism, gave the cold-shoulder to proud Veterans like Allen West and Ilario Pantano to support far-left candidates?

But VFW-PAC did not simply give the cold-shoulder to a handful of veterans running for public office, according to Pantano, " VFW-PAC DID NOT support ONE SINGLE, SOLITARY VETERAN that was a candidate for public office in 2010."

Yes, VFW-PAC betrayed the very veterans it had a solemn duty to represent… and it openly trashed the very values that so many of us fought to protect; but now that the Veterans of Foreign Wars has dissolved the VFW-PAC, after it REFUSED to rescind its endorsements of these far-left progressives, there is a void that desperately needs to be filled.

That void needs to be filled by an organization that truly represents the interests of veterans and patriotic Americans. That’s why we have formed Veterans In Defense of Liberty (ViDoL), an organization that will never betray the interests of Veterans… an organization that will continue the struggle against tyranny that so many of us engaged in so many years ago.

We’re looking for a few good Veterans, such as yourself, who want to join us as we continue the fight.

It is our duty as America’s veterans and active duty/reserve military personnel to continue to uphold our oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. When VFW-PAC chose "inside the beltway politics" over the will of its veteran constituency and mission, it increased the void in the already poorly, politically represented veterans community. That’s why we have united as Veterans in Defense of Liberty, to defend the Constitution and secure our liberties for ourselves and our posterity.

Veterans in Defense of Liberty (ViDoL) is dedicated to promoting conservatism in the tradition of our Founding Fathers in order to maintain the integrity of our Republic’s constitutional, moral and biblical principles through the use of political action and education. Members and supporters of ViDoL still believe that our great country and Constitution are worth defending. If you also believe that the oath we took as a member of the U.S. military did not fade away when we took off our uniform for the last time, I would like to extend to you an invitation to join Veterans in Defense of Liberty.

Please follow this link to select your membership level.

Although membership in ViDoL does require you to be a veteran or on active/reserve duty, we understand that to share in our beliefs, you don’t have to have served in the military. That’s why you can still play a key role in supporting the mission of ViDoL by making a personal contribution to ViDoL’s mission. Please follow this link to make your contribution today.

Many Americans claim that voter fraud is a myth. It is not, and it disproportionately affects members of the military. We understand that we cannot properly secure our Constitutional Republic unless we secure our most basic freedom, the vote. As Veterans, we have fought for others around the world for the freedom to hold genuine and legitimate elections. We can do no less for our country.

In 2010, 17 states violated federal law by failing to mail active duty ballots by the deadline. With a record amount of elections undecided until days or weeks after Election Day, we will never know what the true outcome of these races would have been had every eligible member of the armed forces been able to cast their vote. This fraud is a despicable act towards our brothers and sisters in harm’s way. To not insure that EVERY MEMBER of our Armed Forces has the opportunity to cast their ballot for whomever they chose is an insult beyond comprehension to the veterans of past wars who have fought and made the ultimate sacrifice defending our country so that we might have the right to vote for whomever we please. So members of ViDoL are banding together to organize a national effort to combat election fraud. Will you join us in this fight? Please join or support Veterans in Defense of Liberty today.

President Kennedy once said, "In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger."

This is "its hour" and we are the warriors of one of those, "few generations."

Will our Constitution fall? Will those passionate principles which are "America" fail? Not on our watch!

We will storm any hill where Liberty is threatened!

Please join with us brothers and sisters as members of ViDoL or support our cause by making a generous donation. We will stand between the protected and tyranny by upholding our oath and defending and protecting the Constitution. We have done this in uniform, now we are doing it as a very special part of "We the people."

Thank you in advance for your support and willingness to defend the American constitution.


Dr. W. Scott Magill
Executive Director, ViDoL

P.S. Do you still believe that this great country is worth fighting for? Do you believe our Constitution, which allows for American Exceptionalism, is still worth defending? If so, please help Veterans in Defense of Liberty elect individuals who are dedicated to our mission of defending the Constitution by joining or supporting our efforts with a personal contribution.


Paid for by Veterans in Defense of Liberty and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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