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April Freeman for Congress releases statement – WFTX-TV Fort Myers/Naples, FL | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Florida's 19th Congressional District Special Election 2014, Fort Myers FL by James Pat Guerréro on 04/25/2014


April Freeman

April Freeman

Press release to Fox4 of Fort Myers, FL states April Freeman’s message.  Ms. Freeman speaks after the Republican primary results against Republican Curt Clawson.  The message is provide more economic opportunity for the middle class, ensure women get equal pay for equal work, and protect middle class families.

The general special election for Florida’s 19th U.S. Congressional District is on June 24, 2014.

Ray Netherwood will be running for the Libertarian Party.

To read the statement:

April Freeman for Congress releases statement – WFTX-TV Fort Myers/Naples, FL.

Time for a Libertarian or Democrat to Beat Republican Clawson | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Florida's 19th Congressional District Special Election 2014, Fort Myers FL by James Pat Guerréro on 04/23/2014

The special election for Florida’s 19th U.S. Congressional District in the Republican primary is completed.  The winner is Curt Clawson of Bonita Springs, Florida, as of the evening of April 22, 2014.  Two tables show the voting statistics for Lee and Collier counties that comprise the 19th congressional district of Florida.


Curt Clawson

Counties Reg. Republicans Precincts Ballots Cast Voter Turn-Out
Lee[1] 150,208 112 50,082 33.34%
Collier[2] 54,140 36 20,257 37.42%


Representative in Congress Lee Total Votes Lee Percentage Collier Total Votes Collier Percentage
Lizbeth Benacquisto 14,883 29.77% 3,149 15.54%
Curt Clawson 17,454 34.92% 9,403 46.41%
Michael J. Dreikorn 6,328 12.66% 1,232 6.081%
Paige Kreegel 11,324 22.65% 6,438 31.78%
(Over Votes) 11 0.054%
(Under Votes 24 0.118%
Ballots Cast 50,082 33.34% 20,257 37.42%


Comparing the voting statistics to the campaign financing statistics, the following table.

Representative in Congress Total Votes and Total Percentage of Vote Campaign Total Receipts[3] Campaign Total Disbursements Campaign Cash on Hand
Lizbeth Benacquisto 18,032 (25.68%) $980,835 $796,888 $183,947
Curt Clawson 26,857 (38.25%) $2,864,734 $2,265,783 $598,951
Michael J. Dreikorn 7,560 (10.77%) $17,689 $15,055 $2,633
Paige Kreegel 17,762 (25.30%) $236,055 $205,128 $33,979


In summary, there is quite a wide margin of difference between Clawson’s campaign financing and the other candidates.  Clawson is wealthy buying his campaign to the Republican primary victory.  The U.S. Constitution allows this.  Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court unlimited the amount of contributions one can make to all candidates, keeping a contribution limit to any one candidate.  However, any one candidate can unlimitedly contribute to his own campaign while paying for the monitoring pollsters ensuring that he wins.

Clawson says he is conservative; Byron Donalds says he is conservative; Connie Mack says he is conservative.  By golly, he is not conservative.  Taking Clawson first, how can he be conservative while robbing the taxpayers through the federal government of corporate and pension bailout money, in the millions magnitude, to resolve his corporate debt?  Having built some fancy public-private partnership, here is what Clawson said regarding his corporate debt:

“I wish I’d been CEO of a company that didn’t have debt, but the one I took on had a lot of debt, so we had to fight our way through,” Clawson says. “Washington is in a similar position now … I have a little bit of experience in debt I did not create, and I want to bring that turnaround to Washington.”[4]

With respect to Hayes Lemmerz, essentially Clawson transfigured debt to pay off debt and used the debt to pay his hefty selling price.  Additionally, he dumped common stockholders in a lender equity deal via bankruptcy.  However, this is not real experience and continues the same way of handling debt – it still is there.  The majority of the electorate was older in age in this special election and opted not to believe that.

Secondly, the Connie Mack endorsement, although it was not essential, gave Clawson some star power.  Connie Mack has voted many tax hikes and corporate and pension bailouts.  The Penny Plan is foolhardy, means little, not well-thought out, and does not help the budget.

Once again, the Collier County tea party took a hit with Byron Donalds proclaiming Clawson is a conservative.  He decided not to run but instead endorsed Clawson.  What is up?  He just might become the new Chuka Umunna from southwestern France of rhino stylistic.  Additionally, at least, if something goes wrong with Clawson, like committing a foolish crime, Lee County will take the blame, again.

Oh well, madness prevails.  Looking at the next well-financed candidate, Benacquisto, she left some money in her purse, of course.  Everyone knows Benacquisto is smart.  Too many good Republican advisers and Charlie Crist types nearby at ear’s distance are on her side.  Cash on hand is $183,947.  This Florida Republican Party race was not that important.  With a clinging Florida Senate seat and opening multi-verse options now, Benacquisto has nothing to worry about.

Wishing for one of the great madmen, Paige Kreegel, who garnered a healthy second place standing in Collier County, he very nearly cornered a second place finish in Lee County.  The only thing that stopped him was the wealthy Clawson.  If Clawson had not been wealthy and a traveler from the Midwest, he would have won handily with at least 8.24% of Clawson’s campaign receipts.  Voters had paid too much attention to negative ads – the absolute three-point game Clawson plays.

Some caveats at the end of the race are as follows for Southwest Florida:

  1. Do not run against a wealthy candidate, unless a flagitious attorney can bring him down.
  2. Clawson is not conservative, but medium moderate.
  3. It was not a race.
  4. Benacquisto’s name brand endorsements, Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee, did not help.
  5. The statistics do not include the PAC data.
  6. The timing is ripe for a Libertarian or Democrat to beat a Republican.






Florida House Rep. Dane Eagle Fall Guy, Legislative Aide Stands | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Cape Coral FL, Florida House of Representatives by James Pat Guerréro on 04/22/2014

dane eagle booking

Rep. Dane Eagle

The Florida House legislative aide of Rep. Dane Eagle’s (R-FL77) wrote the following statement in behalf of him on his driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) arrest.[1]

“I was arrested in Tallahassee and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol,” Eagle wrote. “While there are some decisions that I would have made differently, I do not believe there is a complete and accurate picture of the events. Under advice of my legal counsel, I cannot discuss all the details right now, but I look forward to publically (sic) sharing the entire story at an appropriate time. Until then, I humbly ask for everyone’s patience. I know that I am accountable for my actions, and I look forward to communicating with my constituents in the near future on this matter.”

… While he is in jail, presumably, over having had a few too many alcoholic drinks, the Florida House continues with the help of his good legislative aide.

Times tables, like second grade math, come handily during troubled times where representatives fail to perceive.  “Remember the ALAMO!” The Texas battle cry had greater effect in time, in Texas’ sovereignty, and in United States’ annexation.

Perhaps, Mr. Eagle should fire the legislative aide, not without cause.  Admitting accusing and arresting a man is serious.  That the public takes readily well.  Nevertheless, to say that making better decisions is bloody better – already – has waived the U.S. Constitution Fifth Amendment in the highest degree of self-incrimination.

Backtracking down the linear path to the beginning of Mr. Eagle’s lustrous career, the constituent goes shortly to the turn in his obscured drinking habits.

The style of the Republican man in the modern world is to chirp the good of this world for all to see that he is.  Then he commits the crime.  Awkwardly, the Republican moves his style to whine all the bad of this world for all to see that he is not.  Times tables get worse: as it moves from one to two to three: 2 x 1 is two; then 2 x 2 is four; and, so on, the constituent keeps adding two more addends of troubles.

What would the constituent call the trouble: hypocrisy or timing tables?  The constituent is not happy at all.  No, hypocrisy just will not do.  That is like buying an Arab government – too easy, will work, not challenging enough.  Inquisitively, is the easier the staking out a defense attorney?  The constituent is speaking bigotry by now.

For example, taking the Alamo, what did the conscripts do?  Hardly, they bloody well fought to the last man.  So shall the constituent hopes the Rep. Eagle.  Rewriting the legislative aide’s disclaimer, timing tables work better.

“I was arrested in Tallahassee [yes, the capital of Florida] and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol,” Representative Eagle wrote [yes, Florida House]. “I believe I drove under the influence of alcohol.  I know that I had endangered the lives of other drivers and pedestrians [yes, tell it like it is] and had risked damaging property.  I intend to tell my legal counsel to bug off [yes, be courageous], and rather instruct him to look for ways to improve my behavior with the local municipality.  I look forward to publicly sharing the entire story, as it develops wasting no time [yes, act like a legislator]. Until then, I humbly ask for everyone’s forgiveness, [yes, the least]. I know that I have disappointed my constituents for my actions, and I look forward to communicating with my constituents immediately [yes, remember the times tables] on this matter.”

Do not the constituents hate it when Florida House hypocrisy and times tables get between them?  Rep. Eagle will not want to lose and he thinks he understands why.  Eventually, though, Rep. Eagle will lose and not understand why.

Epilogue:  Hire the worst legislative aide possible in the written world of excuses.  He might hit the jackpot on the times tables.



An Early Warning: The British Obama is Coming.

Posted in England by James Pat Guerréro on 04/21/2014

James Pat Guerréro:


Chuka Umunna

Exceptional expose. Hitting hard on the ideas of the Liberal Left (Labour) on the British side of the pond. ThursdayMan

See this link for article:

Originally posted on Defend the Modern World:


There is a widely shared belief in the drinking rooms of Westminster Village that a certain Chuka Umunna MP (Streatham, labour) is headed for the top of British politics.

The child of a Nigerian father and Irish mother, Umunna, 35, is already considered the country’s leading ‘black’ politician and has created around himself an aura of excitement that will be all too familiar to our friends across the pond.

Umunna is so often described as the ‘British Obama’ that the lazy racism of the term is overlooked and only the positive insinuations allowed to burn through.

And I suppose Umunna is the British Obama, at least in the sense that he is ‘black’, young and – most importantly of all- a potentially devastating weapon for the Left.

To understand why he holds such value, it is necessary to look deeper into the Liberal mindset, past the velvet-curtain of virtue and…

View original 321 more words

Happy Easter to All! | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Religious Liberty by James Pat Guerréro on 04/20/2014

black-man-crying-621587Happy Easter to All!

When you’re defeated:  straightening, you’re never ashamed!

When you’re refused:  fulfilled, you’re never missing!

When you’re hated:  embracing, you’re never deprived!

Paige Kreegel for Congress | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Florida's 19th Congressional District Special Election 2014, Fort Myers FL by James Pat Guerréro on 04/19/2014

Mrs. Erika Kreegel tells you why you should vote for Paige Kreegel.  Dr. Kreegel is for second amendment right (right to bear arms) and pro-life.  I support Paige Kreegel for Florida’s Congressional District 19 Special Election.  The Republican primary election is on April 22, 2014.  The general election is June 24, 2014.


President Putin in Annual Question and Answer Session from Moscow | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Russia by James Pat Guerréro on 04/18/2014

This below photograph is not a video but a screenshot. See the link at the bottom to see the clipped video.

President Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin responds to questions with respect to Ukraine and Crimea in various forms in an annual question and answer session from Moscow.  President Putin stated that the undesignated troops posted in Eastern Ukraine were not military but civilians who live in Eastern Ukraine.  Crimea is a peninsula in the Black Sea.  Reunification discussions with Crimea are taking place.  Resident people in and around the Sevastopol Naval Base were asking questions concerning the Black Sea Navy, family division, and reunification.

To see the clipped video:

C-SPAN: Stephen Colbert Opening Statement – YouTube

Posted in U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security by James Pat Guerréro on 04/18/2014

via C-SPAN: Stephen Colbert Opening Statement – YouTube.

Basically, Stephen Colbert is arguing that the free market is exploiting jobs in other countries for harvesting crops exported to the United States, when the invisible hand (free market) should be working in the United States employing immigrant farm workers.  He begs to differ that Americans would harvest crops if the price is right and planting and harvesting innovation is implemented.

Korean ferry tragedy: survivor’s guilt claims a victim | Human Events

Posted in South Korea by James Pat Guerréro on 04/18/2014

Benacquisto Moved in With the Left Wing | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Florida's 19th Congressional District Special Election 2014, Fort Myers FL by James Pat Guerréro on 04/18/2014

Paid for by the Values are Vital PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. PMB 89, 1217 Cape Coral Pkwy. E., Cape Coral, FL 33904-9604.

Florida Senator Benacquisto never told the public she was raped or tried to prosecute the rapist, when she was, er, 19, but changed her mind when she was, ah, 45, running against Democrat Kevin Rader; ah, she won.

Lizbeth A. Kelly Benacquisto had been a registered Democrat, er, in Broward county, but changed her mind in Palm Beach county, ah, going Republican; ah, that’s the making of an apprenticeship double voting record.

Benacquisto was married to “unknown spouse,” er, presumably a good guy (had two children), but changed her mind and wedlock, ah, with major liberal donor Bruce Strayhorn; ah, Strayhorn has ties to Obama and Clinton.

Benacquisto had co-introduced and voted, er, Common Core SB1076, in the Florida Senate, but changed her mind in the Florida Congressional District 19 Special Election, ah, as she campaigned against Common Core for both offices; ah, that’s a Democratic Party technique.

For information on new wedding bells from Tampa Bay Times:

For information on Bruce Strayhorn and Benacquisto’s democratic past from Shark Tank:

For the complete Fox4 video:


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