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Steny Hoyer Blames GOP for Small Business Tax Hikes – HUMAN EVENTS

Posted in Steny Hoyer by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) says Republicans are to blame for the tax hike on small businesses which will go into effect on January 1. He does not accept the premise that the Democratic leadership is responsible now to extend the lower tax rates.

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The Miraculous Rose Novena | 9th Day (Ends Oct 1st, Friday)

Posted in St. Therese of the Child Jesus by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

Photograph of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, Doctor...

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Open the novena card via st-therese-novena-card%204 and pray the opening prayer, 24 Glory Be’s, and St. Therese of the Child Jesus, pray for us. Close.

Where Have You Gone, Ludwig von Mises? – Shawn Ritenour – Mises Daily

Posted in Ludwig von Mises by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

Washington‘s stunning economic power grabs — healthcare centralization, Keynesian fiscal stimulus, and Federal Reserve bailouts — are creating an unintended consequence: an increasing demand for freedom literature. Exhibit A would have to be F.A. Hayek‘s 66-year-old Road to Serfdom recently hitting number one for all books on Those desiring an even deeper education in the ideas of liberty are well advised to study the life and work of Hayek’s brilliant teacher and friend, Ludwig von Mises.

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Posted in Alex Sink, Charlie Crist, Rick Scott by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, Sept. 30, 2010…Floridians may have a favorite for governor – and it’s not Democrat Alex Sink or Republican Rick Scott.


Commentary: Happy fault, Governor Charlie Crist ran for senate.

Parent upset over students’ suspension from Royal Palm Academy » Naples Daily News

Posted in Royal Palm Academy by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

The mother of two school-age children is alleging a Catholic private school is being less than Christian when dealing with its families.

Audra Clark said she wants to share the story of how her children found themselves expelled from Royal Palm Academy and warn parents that it could happen to them.

via Parent upset over students’ suspension from Royal Palm Academy » Naples Daily News.

Commentary: Imperceptively, the Clark family is experiencing a religious phenomenon. It’s called the tyranny of conformity. This occurs when an administration, employees, and surrounding community conform to the prevailing culture of corruption. Royal Palm Academy is a private institution and it calls itself Catholic. Whatever it calls itself, it’s a form of Catholicism gone haywire. The owners, principal and teachers are the responsible leaders relegated to correct it, not families. The Clark family shouldn’t feel bad, though. There are plenty of good schools that can take this family in. In the future, when it comes to finding a good Catholic/Christian education, then families should vote with their dollars, if they have money. Vote with personal volunteer effort and influence, if they don’t. Otherwise, families should vote with their feet. Send a clear message to the school, “If the Catholic school doesn’t act Catholic, the family leaves.” The family shouldn’t look back because the family is precisely better off. Rather, the family builds its Catholic/Christian faith. After all, the family knows better.

The First World War Ends on Sunday | RedState

Posted in First World War by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

This is a random way to start your morning, but it is also something I bet you did not know.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, the guns fell silent across Europe with the cease fire concluding the hostilities of World War I.

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The Waxman Net Neutrality bill should move forward | RedState

Posted in Internet, Net Neutrality by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

Update: Waxman is now using Republican opposition to this bill to claim the FCC should now implement the worst case of Internet regulation. Republicans need to get behind a reasonable compromise and we need to commit to outlawing Title II reclassification. The FCC going on its own would do incalculable damage to the industry going forward. Action is needed sooner, not later.

If you take one message from everything I write today on technology issues, take this one: House Republicans need to get on board and support Henry Waxman’s Net Neutrality bill. The bill urgently addresses the critical issue of the moment, and its passage would avert disastrous regulation of the Internet going forward.

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Obama’s Generals | RedState

Posted in Barack Obama by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

“Obama had to do this 18-month surge just to demonstrate, in effect, that it couldn’t be done . . . the president had treated the military as another political constituency that had to be accommodated.”

LTG Douglas Lute Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan as quoted in the Washington Post .

The past three days the Washington Post has been serializing the new Bob Woodward book, “Obama’s Wars,” on the front page of that paper. Though I have been stunned by what I’ve read I haven’t been surprised. That a feckless and un-serious man when elected president would pursue a war in a feckless and un-serious way should surprise no one. What has left me stunned is the fact that Obama never seriously considered whether winning the war in Afghanistan (or sealing the victory in Iraq) was in the national interests of the United States. His lodestar was rather an arbitrary and precipitous withdrawal date in July 2011

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Posted in Senator Bill Nelson, Senator George LeMieux by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, Sept. 29, 2010…….While environmental officials in Florida discussed coming federal water pollution standards Wednesday, the federal agency that wrote them agreed to delay their implementation by a month and a U.S. Senator said he’d try to block the new rules altogether.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency agreed on Wednesday to move the deadline for finalizing new numeric limits on the amount of pollution in state bodies of water from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15, at the urging of the state’s congressional delegation. The delegation’s request came after 36 CEOs of Florida businesses called for a partial review of the new standards.

U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat who supported the delay, said the extra time will be used to collect more feedback on the standards, which follow a long legal fight between the state and environmentalists.

“I support new water standards but many Florida residents, municipalities, businesses and farmers have expressed concern about the potential cost of these standards and the validity of the science,” Nelson said in a statement.

But Nelson’s counterpart in the Senate, George LeMieux, a Republican, moved independently to altogether block the new regulations, which would allow different nutrient levels in different water bodies.

“This rule will hurt Florida’s families. It will cost our state billions of dollars, thousands of jobs, and drive up water bills,” LeMieux said Wednesday. “This is lawsuit-driven regulation without a sound scientific basis and the result will be unnecessarily catastrophic for Florida. The EPA’s actions threaten Florida’s economy and (are) unlikely to provide little, if any biological benefit.”



Posted in Hometown Democracy, Institute for Justice by James Pat Guerréro on 09/30/2010

THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, Sept. 29, 2010… A handful of Florida activists – backed by the conservative Institute for Justice – filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday in Tallahassee to overturn the state’s campaign finance laws.

The four activists, from the Sarasota-area, said they were seeking to air their own radio ads opposing Amendment 4, the November ballot measure that would put land-use plan changes before voters. But the lawsuit claims the four were rebuffed after learning they would have to form a regulated political committee to run such spots.


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