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Sen. Chris Murphy Laments Budget Cut

#SenChrisMurphy (D-CT) misses the point on national security and foreign policy at the Council of Foreign Relations, a progressive Washington, D.C. think-tank. He wants to double the humanitarian aid budget compared to the previous approval.

He laments the same old liberal spiel that another country’s economic, political and social dilemmas will eventually hurt our country, if our country does not spend for humanitarian aid. The point is that this is incidental foreign relations – well-wishing, while pretending there is a cause-effect relationship between another country’s troubles and presumed down effect to the United States.

Proper foreign policy is on a regional level of the highest order. For example, what foreign policy do we take when Syria, a country in the Middle East region, uses weapons of mass destruction (WMD) – chemical – on it’s own people. Would that not create a regional crisis, affecting the national security of the United States?

It may not be worth mentioning that Senator Murphy might be helping to pad the pockets of non-governmental agencies (NGOs) or private contractors. Let’s hope not. But the focus of the new Trump administration and the American electorate is to move away from this silly U.S. Department of State budgeting.

Cannot Senator Murphy really do something except sit in front of the camera ponying to sorry liberals about fake needs for budgeting taxpayer money? Will Senator Murphy be re-elected? Why should he be? He hasn’t done anything, except complain.