Hold the Line

 4/12/2010 Naples, FL – Collier Republican Club Meeting


Good evening. I’m James Patrick Guerrero. First, I want to thank Barbara Stang and Scott Lepore of the Collier Republican Club for inviting me to be here tonight. I am running for a Florida House office for representative of District 112. This is the same office that David Rivera is incumbent, but now it shall be an open seat. I feel I have a good handle on the geographical area and demographic makeup within and around this district because I’ve lived and worked in it for about 17 years. I call the speech I am about to give: my “Hold the Line” speech.

I’m conservative republican, but I like to say that I’m new, so that makes me a new conservative. I follow the line of traditional values, that is, family and property. Sometimes the conservative varies on this, but I stay on tradition, family, and property. And, in all of these, I go for new conservative excellence. So, that allows the possibility to do the best we can. I think our government needs to be controlled, or it will control us; it needs to be thrifty, or it will bankrupt us; it needs to be represented wisely, or it will regulate us. Conservatives must hold the line with regard to unlimited government, or it will limit us. I have often asked why government is like this and this is so, well, let me explain.

 The point of no return for those liberal pundits and politicians has been reached. In their view, they have declared that we are an UN-Christian nation. What they mean is that they do not tolerate Christians. I will save that discussion for another speech. Let’s call it, the “Intolerance of Christians” speech. Well, they deny the sources, law, and history, and they are bold as the dickens. We are a Christian nation (period). We can not deal with this ideological falsehood, and we will not tolerate that erroneous idea, because Christianity is the foundation of Florida and our country. At the same time, we can, have, and shall tolerate other faiths. But, the root-stock of the vine is of the purest quality. This root-stock came with the beleaguered men, women and families from other countries of this world. If any change needs to be made, then portions of the root-stock should be grafted to the governments of other countries.


I live the traditional family life as I stated in my biography. This begins with the traditional view of marriage, that is, God’s marriage which is equivalent to 1 man + 1 woman. Then, what about children. Well, 1 man + 1 woman can have children, and why should it even be a question? Yes, it is a question today. At this point the ideas of freedom and liberty are brought up. And, what do they mean? Problems, yes. Solutions, yes. I stand behind life in all the stages of life, from the beginning of a life to the death of a life. I will look at the life issues carefully, and dissect them with the swords of truth and the intellect and the will. I believe that no one child, man or woman should be eliminated for the sake of some radical ideology. Then, the family needs to be supported. There is almost an infinite number of ways a family can be supported, and all of them should be explored, as the family develops and matures and dies for the next life. Something interesting is the development of the very nature of the family, that is, how it is somehow changed first to a different structure, and then, the definition of the family is changed. I know what a family is and how it works. And, it is already complex enough as it is naturally. The traditional family, if one has one, is the happiest place on earth. I would work to help others understand what the traditional family truly is. By the way, the traditional family is a structure that can break but has the ability to rebuild. The duty of all families is to provide education to their children. This is one very important reason why I support families. Women in distress are families in distress, and I would work to give them special care. The whole load of life is upon them, that is, the baby, the absent father, the lack of the ability to make an income, the lack of good health for mom and baby, the lack of family understanding and assistance, the predators, etc.

 Something interesting is the way Marxists turn everything upside down. They promise a politics that will bring redemption. Well, they promise too much. It will never be. It’s some crazy ideological notion! Then, come the classes. Class struggle shall prevail! We will take away from the rich and give to the poor, and we will take away from the poor and give to the rich! And, we will have an equality of classes, and now everyone has equally the same property! What is the wrong with this philosophy? Most importantly, it takes away the individual right to prosper, and to provide a gain for the family, and to be dignified and self-sufficient in freedom and liberty. Most importantly, it takes away all of our beliefs that many immigrants left their own countries to seek. I believe in traditional property, that is, in owning one’s own property. This applies to an individual’s ownership of his own assets and businesses in order to thrive for himself, herself, and their families. The economy is in shambles, financially. What happened to property? Property was confiscated and sold to the highest outside bidder – I mean internationally. Who confiscated it – the government. But, the value in which it was sold was not the market value that should be returned to the proper owner. Because the price proceeds were skimmed off by the government to repay the cost of running the government and to pay the price of greedy men who engineered the financial scheme. What was left over was practically nothing of the proceeds that should go to the proper owner. The ability of the owner and employee to pay his already accruing debts are diminishing. The owner and employee are losing their credit. The owner is going out of business, and the employee is out of work. The owner and employee are losing their steady abilities to make a revenue and income. Then, the big government hammer comes crashing down. The government, so to speak, comes to the rescue and lopsided determines to build bridges, dams, tunnels and infrastructures – whatever it can in its demand-side economics way of acting. I am for supply side economics, and the principle of subsidiarity. It is the owner of property who ultimately is able to determine what is the best project to do. And, it is the owner who knows how best to fulfill the project in terms of cost, revenue, savings and gain (profit, if you will). Why, because he has the greatest incentive – greater than the government to which an incentive isn’t even existing. I believe that immigration is directly tied to our economy. Individual citizens and permanent residents should be protected first, and then the economy will further revive. It’s very simple on this point. I want a healthy economy for all people who want to come to this country. In our country, we can still fulfill the American dream.

 May I close now and say that I hope you will support me as I will support the Florida State House District 112. I am very happy to be here. I am in great gratitude to the Collier Republican Club for this gracious opportunity to speak. God bless the State of Florida.


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