Professional History & Current Interests

James Pat Guerréro graduated from St. Anthony’s Catholic Seminary in San Antonio, Texas in 1971.  During the Vietnam War, while the draft was in effect, he voluntarily joined  and served in one of the most noble professions, the United States military, as an enlisted Marine in 1971.  The Navy/Marine Corps selected him under the Navy Enlisted Scientific Education Program for higher education and later commissioning as  a Marine Officer.  He was a combat veteran of the First Persian Gulf War in 1991.  After 20 years of service, he retired from the United States Marine Corps in 1991.  He moved his family and new life to Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Florida, including his spouse and five children.  His first entrepreneurial job was as an independent insurance adjuster during the Hurricane Andrew post-catastrophe operation in South Miami, Florida.  He has always believed in entrepreneurship, incentive, and opportunity; and, therefore, he started and worked businesses in insurance and construction, while providing for his family which grew to nine children.  James Pat Guerréro has continually enjoyed competing in the private sector for 23 years.

Currently, James Pat Guerréro is working on three new ventures: writing a political blog with advertising called ThursdayMan; fundraising to attend law school; and writing a novel about a military Chaplain turned civilian who was disgraced.

James Pat Guerréro now lives and writes within the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

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