New Businesses and Innovation

Five Key Points to Spark New Businesses and Innovation

Immediate Payroll Tax Relief

Enact an immediate, two-year, 50 percent reduction of the payroll tax, which would boost the take-home pay of every worker and dramatically free up cash for every employer to hire and invest.

Incentives for Investing in New Equipment

Allow small businesses to expense 100 percent of new equipment purchases each year to help them invest in new, more productive technologies.

Zero Taxes on Capital Gains

Match the Chinese capital gains rate of zero. Former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan testified in the 1990’s that this was the best rate for economic growth.

Reduced Tax Rate for Business

We should match the Irish business tax rate of 12.5 percent.

Eliminate the Death Tax

Inheritance is the most powerful accumulator of capital. Studies show that eliminating the death tax would create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

(James Patrick Guerrero supports five key points to spark new businesses and innovation from To Save America | Newt Gingrich.)


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