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A war on conservatives was started not by Democrats but unbelievably by Republicans within the Republican Party. It picked up momentum when John Boehner started removingstrong fiscal conservatives from prominent budget and finance committees.

Now a group of rhinos are attempting to stop conservatives from running in primaries and winning elections. They have a very short memory, they have forgotten 2010.

It was the Tea, Parties , around the country who caused that major takeover of the house and increased our members in the Senate.

In 2012, although I think Romney who was a fine and decent man did not really carry the torch of conservatism.

This move by these establishment Republican bums, can only cause conservatives to either start a third party or to join the libertarian party. I am not in favor of either of these moves but I for one will not stand for my party purging conservatives.

This for sure has excited the Democrat base. The name which they have the gall to use is the Conservative Victory Project

Democrats might even donate money to them, because the biggest threat against the New Democrat socialist is the Tea Party conservatives, and conservatives who do not belong to the Tea Party.

I suggest that we find some way to inform them that we will not allow them to purge candidates that we support. The word should go out that no money should be given to them. As soon as I find a way to contact you so you may let them know what you think IO will post it. Below is some excerpts from the Senate Conservative Fund, that I believe was started by Senator DeMent.

Karl Rove and his allies took to the New York Times over the weekend to announce their new fundraising group designed for the express purpose of defeating conservatives in Republican primary elections all over the country. These are the same people who brought us No Child Left Behind, Medicare Part D, the Wall Street bailout, pork-barrel earmarks, and debt as far as the eye can see.

The comically-named "Conservative Victory Project" is run by Steven Law, head of American Crossroads and former Chief of Staff to U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). It’s yet another example of the Republican establishment’s hostility toward its conservative base.

Rather than listening to the grassroots and working to advance their principles, what should be called the "Conservative Defeat Project" has chosen to declare war on its party’s most loyal supporters.

Pollster Scott Rasmussen recently rebuked party bosses for these heavy handed tactics in a nationally-syndicated column. Rasmussen said, "The Republican establishment has two choices. They can act as mature party leaders of a national political party, or they can protect their own self-interest. Mature party leaders would spend a lot more time listening to Republican voters rather than further insulating themselves from those voters."

Upon hearing the news of the establishment’s latest attack on conservatives, the Senate Conservative Fund (DeMint’s group) immediately fired back in the press to expose the new PAC for what it is — a sham designed to prevent conservatives from ever being elected. We quickly took this message to Politico, the Washington Post, the Washington Times, Roll Call, and numerous other outlets.

We’re not afraid to confront the Beltway crowd and we’ll always defend our members when they’re attacked.

The establishment still can’t admit they’re responsible for losing races up and down the ticket in 2012 because of their support for moderate candidates. They’ve created this new super PAC to trick people into giving them more money so they can lose more races.

As you may remember, in 2012, there were 27 Republican Senate challengers yet only three were elected. All three winners were Senate Conservative Fund (SCF)-backed, anti-establishment conservatives. The other 24 Republican challengers were defeated. A few of these candidates were conservatives, but most of the losers were moderates. All told, the Republican establishment has cost the party at least 10 In the past two elections, the Senate conservative fund has raised over $25 million and helped elect eight outstanding leaders to the U.S. Senate, including standouts such as Rand Paul (R-KY), Mike Lee (R-UT), and Ted Cruz (R-TX). If the establishment had its way, these leaders would not be in office today.

I might add Marco Rubio.

In the information that can help in this fight would be appreciated.

Tom Macchia

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