Enforcing Immigration Laws

I believe that all Americans want legal immigration. The problem is how exactly do we want to deal with illegal immigration without enforcing immigration laws and providing jobs to American citizens and permanent residents first. We can see that there is a big problem with the current Obama administration as the enforcement of immigration laws is way below par excellence. The Republican Party can attack this problem effectively. At the same time we must provide the highest security in the world on our borders. With regard to jobs, we should go after the businesses that hire illegal employees, so that these jobs can be freed up for American citizens and others who have the official immigration status to work in the United States. Our unemployment and underemployed rate should go significantly down. Let’s look at what Republican Lindsay Graham and Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer are doing. Are they trying to make illegal immigrants citizens? Or what?


What does the prohibition of “partisan politics” mean to you?

I think the phrase, Faithful Citizenship, says it all by Carl Anderson quoting the US Bishops. I think this means that Knights focus on the public presentation of the issues, not the party necessarily. How well they present and convince will determine the outcome of the vote. This is faithful citizenship, i.e., voicing and writing our informed and educated opinions.

James Patrick Guerrero
GK, Ave Maria Oratory 14697