Florida House Candidates Survey 2010 Primary | CCSFLA Christian Coalition of South Florida

July 26, 2010

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Ms. Sara C. Leon

CCSFLA Christian Coalition of South Florida

P.O. Box 557953

Miami, FL 33255-7953

Re: Florida House Candidates Survey 2010 Primary

Dear Ms. Sara Leon,

Please find enclosed the responses to your survey:


District: 112

1. I oppose granting amesty to illegal immigrants.

2. I support that a person must not be compelled by federal, state, or local government to purchase health insurance or services.

3. I oppose the dispensing of instant bingo tickets by electronic or mechanical devices.

4. I support the Infant Born Alive Act.

5. I support parental notification of abortion.

6. I support Teach Abstinence only in Public Schools.

7. I support Repeal Florida’s Blaine Amendment – prevents religious groups from using public aid and limits religious freedom.

8. I support Unborn Victims of Violence Act.

9. I support prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion in Florida.

10. I support permitting an inspirational message or prayer at a noncompulsory high school activity, or student assembly.

11. I oppose imposing a one-cent Florida sales tax increase.

12. & 13. What are the three (3) most pressing issues facing the Florida House of Representatives? Please prioritize them. And, what do you plan to do about them if you are elected to the position of Florida House of Representatives?

In order of importance, the most pressing issues are: jobs, immigration and family life.

Jobs: I intend to be a job creator. Leadership is key to present the healthy economic plan from the standpoint of supply-side economics and free market principles. Businesses and job-seekers need to be supported to make a vibrant economy. Government should insure to provide tax credits, tax incentives and loan incentives. There is an uncertainty in small and large business, and the uncertainty must be reduced to persuade businesses to invest more in Florida, and thereby, jobs are created.

Immigration: I really favor the Arizona S.B. 1070. It was a bold passage that ignited the debate on amnesty given to illegal immigrants. Giving amnesty only compounds the illegal immigration problem. I propose to bring the same Arizona law to Florida. The law is short and easy to understand. A law like the Arizona law is absolutely necessary because allowing illegal immigration and amnesty creates a severe economic and political impact on citizens and permanent residents of Florida that reduces the living wage, puts the American working class out of work, and misrepresents the political apportionment of the real voting Floridian demography.

Family Life: Family life is based on life first. The inherent problems of family life exist because there is not a respect for all life first. Life is respected by respecting the embryo, the unborn, the elderly, the woman in distress, the children, the abused spouse, i.e., all life. I propose to first defend life, and, then, I propose to uphold life in ways that do not cost the taxpayer. Florida grassroots organizations and private organizations can uphold life by helping all kinds of families. It is necessary to uphold the family in its particular dilemmas that are not only economic. All families want to live in a dignified way. Part of achieving that dignity is familial willingness to work, not to receive entitlement. Then, education and follow-up learning to achieve specified goals is a necessity. Sometimes, goal reaching is needed to be defined in particular familial situations. There is really an infinite number of ways to get families on their own feet, and let them achieve to take care of family members. In Florida, a point in family life must be reached where families who have been helped turn around and help other families in need.

Respectfully submitted,


July 26, 2010


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