Governor-Elect Rick Scott Turns to Reformer Edwin G. Buss to Run Florida’s Department of Corrections |

Governor-Elect Rick Scott appoints reformer Edwin G. Buss to run Florida’s Department of Corrections. Ed Buss served on Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels’ cabinet.

For more information: Governor-Elect Rick Scott Turns to Reformer Edwin G. Buss to Run Florida’s Department of Corrections.


Governor-elect Rick Scott Meets with the Economic Development and Good Government Transition Teams |

Governor-elect Rick Scott met with the Economic Development and Good Government Transition Teams to listen to the advice of more than 200 members.

For more information: Governor-elect Rick Scott Meets with the Economic Development and Good Government Transition Teams.

Replace Streamline the DBPR with BEIC | James Pat Guerréro

[Rick Scott] told the group to write to newspapers and call radio talk shows to support his plans to streamline government and get rid of unnecessary regulations. Otherwise, he said, special interests will try to prevent change.

via Florida Gov.-elect Rick Scott takes celebration on road » Naples Daily News.

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) stifles business and professions in Florida. It’s an over-regulated, inefficient, and unnecessary department. The costs for becoming licensed have increased since 1992. The newspapers write stories about consumer complaints that can easily be handled through channels that exist. These channels are private or legal, but they work. Government interference by regulations increases costs and becomes inefficient in application and results as the department can not do very much. The outcome is always ending up where the private and legal channels work better to impose remedies. DBPR investigations are worse, as most of the facts are really unknown, and the local jurisdictional authority is already involved in the first place. There should be a top-down review of the purpose and goals of the DBPR that must be measured against the effective private and legal tools that are already in place. The DBPR may act as an umpire only, and never discourage business and professional development in Florida. The Florida DBPR, if not changed completely, should become the model of business and professional development in the United States. Also, the DBPR name should be changed to something like the BUSINESS ENTREPRENEURSHIP and INNOVATION COALITION – the BEIC. This name elicits the true cooperation between private business and government as the way it was meant to be. This response is this citizen’s advice “to support [Rick Scott’s] plans to streamline government and get rid of unnecessary regulations.” Replace Streamline the DBPR with BEIC.

Union Local 333 Wants the “RESONATION” of the Journalist | James Pat Guerrero

The Baltimore City Paper published a huge blemish on Baltimore’s Local 333 of the International Longshoremen’s Association. In fact, there have been two published pieces, one in November 2010 and a follow-up this month. The articles exposed some convicted felons in the Local. Most of these felons have been convicted with gun running and drug dealing. This exposure raised the ire of the Local, and so, some union protesters gathered on the sidewalks of the Baltimore City Paper with signs demanding the “Resonation” of the journalist, Van Smith. That’s right, RESONATION! One would not expect felons to write well since they’ve been involved with crimes, but when they’re told what to write on signs, that’s a different story. The leaders of the Local didn’t tell them to write the right word. They meant “Resignation,” not “Resonation.” YOU DUMB BUNNIES! Picketing on the platform of “Human Rights,” they braved the cold with all their protestations for RESONATION signs. How kind for the Local to sponsor these people for their crimes in the name of human rights.

For more information: Union Pickets Baltimore’s City Paper Demanding Reporter’s ‘Resonation’ | RedState.

The Senate is a Continuing Body & the Filibuster is Constitutional | James Pat Guerrero

Liberal Senators’ power grab 101 is to kill the filibuster in the 112th Congressional Senate. Citing simple majority (51) votes as the source for change, the Rule 22 for three-fifths vote (60) of Senators necessary and sufficient to end a filibuster no longer applies by suggestion of Washington Post’s Katrina vanden Heuvel, a progressive. The Left’s argument is that the filibuster is unconstitutional and the Senate is not a continuing body. Ian Millhiser of The American Prospect tries to use two Supreme Court cases to declare that the filibuster is unconstitutional. There is no basis in these decisions for that assertion, and the Left will refer to the filibuster as unconstitutional because of the Reichelderfer Case. Ian Millhiser is spinning that the Senate is not a continuing body like the House of Representatives, and would have the myth circulated that the Senate can block a filibuster with 51 votes in a determined way before the Senate begins its new session. Furthermore, although the Rule 22 states that 2/3rds (67) votes are needed to change the rules,  Katrina vanden Heuvel promotes that

There is only one day in the year when the Senate can make changes to its rules without the fear of that process, itself, being filibustered – and that day is fast approaching. Jan. 5, 2011, will be the first day of the 112th Congress and, as such, the only day where a simple majority can vote to change the Senate rules (on all other days, 67 votes would be required).

A defense is as follows: when progressives say that the filibuster is unconstitutional, ask them when the Supreme Court decision ruled it unconstitutional. Answer: They will not have an answer.

For more information: How Liberals Plan To Destroy The Senate With 51 Votes | RedState.

Woman Sets Her Boyfriend on Fire | James Pat Guerrero

South Fort Myers Ting Ting Perng (36) tried to set her boyfriend on fire, but missed and got the bed instead. The boyfriend was lying on the bed when the fight broke out between them. Perng doused Nyquil cough medicine and water all over him in bed, then tried to set him on fire. Grabbing a knife, Perng ran downstairs yelling she was going to set the [Christmas] tree on fire, too. The Lee County Sheriff deputy charged Perng with battery to her boyfriend.

For more information: MUG SHOT: Woman accused of trying to set boyfriend on fire after pouring Nyquil on him » Naples Daily News.

BBC Blasphemed Our Lady | James Pat Guerrero


BBC’s EastEnders scriptwriter Tony Jordan wrote a TV series named “The Nativity.” In this new TV show he blasphemed Our Lady by portraying her as a raped prostitute. Tony Jordan portrayed St. Joseph as her accuser of scandal. It’s time to get on our knees again and pray the rosary in reparation for these blasphemies against Our Lady and St. Joseph.