Governor Rick Scott’s Weekly Newsletter – March 30, 2012

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Governor Scott Signs

2012 Job Creation and Economic Growth Agenda

Legislation Will Create Jobs and Reduce the Cost of Living for Floridians

This week, I signed my Job Creation and Economic Growth Agenda into law. With these new laws, Florida’s economy will be better positioned to grow, create jobs and get Floridians back to work. By eliminating burdensome rules and regulations, reforming our unemployment system to a reemployment system, providing tax relief to our job creators and holding accountable the workforce boards tasked with connecting Floridians to job opportunities, Florida will continue to see its unemployment rate drop, businesses will grow, and Florida will become the best state in the country to open, expand or move a business.

The passage of these important bills is a tremendous victory for Florida’s families and businesses and will ensure private-sector jobs can continue to grow. My jobs package, combined with an additional $1 billion for K-12 education, will have an important impact on all Floridians, and I thank the Florida Legislature for recognizing the valuable contributions this legislation will make toward growing businesses and jobs in our state.

To read the specifics of my 2012 Job Creation and Economic Growth Agenda, I invite you to visit the links below.

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Promises Made, Promises Kept:

Governor Scott Signs Job Creation and Economic Growth Legislation

Governor Scott and Google Partner to Help Small Businesses Get Online

MindTree Brings 400 High-Tech Jobs to Gainesville

Florida Drug Enforcement Teams Strike Down Prescription Drug Abuse

Governor and First Lady Scott Announce Governor’s Wellness Challenge

Governor Scott’s Weekly Radio Address


As First Lady of Florida, Mrs. Scott enjoys traveling the state and visiting schools, encouraging students to read and write, and promoting the importance of a good education. This week Mrs. Scott had the opportunity to visit three elementary schools in the South Florida area, as well as the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science and the Fort Lauderdale Independence Training and Education Center.

The First Lady visited classrooms and read to students at Bennett Elementary School, Boca Raton Elementary School and Lake Park Elementary School. Mrs. Scott also toured the Museum of Discovery and Science, which provides children and adults with hands-on opportunities to learn about the world around them. She also visited the Fort Lauderdale Independence Training and Education Center, FLITE, which is Broward County’s central resource for youth between ages 18 and 23 to ease the transition to adulthood. The center offers a variety of services and resources in a single facility to help youths succeed as adults.

Mrs. Scott loves sharing her passion for reading with students and is always encouraging them to read and write every day.


Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll this week joined officials from the City of Gainesville, Alachua County and University of Florida to welcome MindTree Limited, a global IT and product engineering company, that has selected Gainesville as the site for its United States expansion, bringing 400 new jobs over the next five years and making a $2.925 million capital investment in the heart of Gainesville. This is certainly welcome news as Florida keeps moving toward a full economic recovery. But the icing on the cake is that the average annual wage of these jobs will be $80,000, which is far higher than the average wage for this area and the state. MindTree’s plan aligns perfectly with Governor Scott’s economic development mission of creating higher wage jobs in the state of Florida.

Executive Office of the Governor | 400 S Monroe St | Tallahassee, FL 32399 THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA • IN GOD WE TRUST
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ThursdayMan’s Polar Bear Post Gets the Most Hits! | James Pat Guerréro

ThursdayMan’s blog gets the most hits on polar bears – every day! One can be humourous (‘humorous’ spelling not preferred) once in a while. For instance, ThursdayMan shall think like a polar bear. Leisure at the height of the ThursdayMan’s existence: it doesn’t get better than this. Well, here goes!

Scene:) Somewhere in the middle of the arctic, flat ice and icebergs all around. Not much tundra (tundra is a fancy word for mossy leafy life:)

Polar Bear (thinking?:)

Boy, I’m tired … and .. alone. Ms. Polar Bear left about six months ago with the cubs. Sh** ! Now I have nobody.

FISHing, gotta find FISH. I’m gonna die before fish die in my mouth, if I don’t find fish. Fishes, lovely, tasty, exquisite fish between my lips, ground and juicy, bloody – oh so lovely and fine for ME.

Oh! Oh! Here’s a soft spot in the ice. Feel it. My FISH, it’s – it’s a little thick, though. Jump on it, hard. Jump again, jump up higher, JUMP UP HIGHER. It’s just too thick. Look at ALL those fish swimming in there. Golly, so depressing. Stomach says don’t stop fishing. Stomach says to move on and keep searching.

Move where? To the icebergs? No fish there. Yeah, stay on the flat ice – seeing fishes right here below. Okay, finding a soft spot. Maddening – just one fish would be quite kind to a single polar bear. Single with a singularly devoured fish. Nothing more – at least for this instant. Let the next instant worry about the next instant.

What are those animals over there? They’re moving toward me. RUN! No, wait. I smell fish. They’re holding FISH – lot’s of fishy odor. What are they? One is carrying a long pointy object. Long fish, maybe. One is pointing the long pointy object at me. Ugh! That hurt! Ohhh, I’m falling asleep, asleep …

Boy, I’m so dizzy. Wow! Look at all the FISH! Where am I? Somewhere very different. What does Z-O-O spell?

Forget It. Ohh, so lovely fishes!

Why Obama is Absurd to Suggest Algae

Newt 1189433@x08,x09,x10,x11!x08
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March 21, 2012• Vol. 7, No. 12
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Why Obama is Absurd to Suggest Algae
by Newt Gingrich

Dear James,

We knew the people writing President Obama’s energy speeches didn’t know very much about American oil and gas potential when he started telling us that some of the largest untapped oil reserves in the world couldn’t do anything to affect fuel prices. But we didn’t know they were quite this hopeless. When the President told them he wanted to focus on "green" energy sources in his speech, I don’t think he meant it literally.

That’s one of the most rational explanations I can think of for how President Obama ended up giving a speech in which he told Americans that the solution to the rising cost of gasoline could be algae. After all, he reasoned, "You’ve got a bunch of algae out here, right? If we can figure out how to make energy out of that, we’ll be doing all right."

This is a classic move of the Left: observe a real world problem (high gasoline prices) and propose a solution that is totally disconnected from the practical realities of the world and has little chance of success (algae).

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It’s true that research labs are experimenting with algae-based biofuels, and we wish them well. If someday in the future, we’re all driving cars based on inexpensive fuel from algae, it’s possible that would be a positive development. But there’s a big difference between that and offering algae today as an answer to high gas prices, or using taxpayer money to subsidize this particular technology — such as the $14 million grant the administration gave an algae experimenter, or the tens of millions of dollars in loan guarantees the Department of Agriculture has handed out.

In theory, algae fuels would work by growing a strain of algae that produces some amount of oil in water and sunlight. Spreading this production over many acres, it’s possible to produce a large amount of algae. The algae must then be separated out — which today is done using centrifuges — leaving behind an oil product.

Unfortunately, there’s an overwhelming probability that these will turn out to be very bad investments for the taxpayers. Even the Algal Biomass Organization (the people charged with advocating the technology) don’t believe algae could be a competitive source of fuel until at least 2020.

In fact, fuel from algae costs anywhere between $140 and $900 a barrel to produce today. As most Americans probably understood intuitively when they heard the President’s speech, there’s not much indication algae can ever overcome its fundamental problems to be competitive with oil and natural gas, of which the world also has plentiful supplies.

There are a few simple reasons algae is not likely to succeed in the real world, even a decade from now as its proponents predict:

  1. Even compared to other biofuels, it is extremely expensive to produce. For fuels such as ethanol (which is widely used even today), the cost of growing the crop is essentially the cost of the agricultural land. In many parts of the country that means a few thousand dollars per acre. With algae, however, a large amount of equipment is involved, including machinery to mix the water constantly, equipment to separate the algae from the water, and an impermeable liner so water doesn’t leach into the ground. Even if we assumed all this cost $1 per square foot — less than cheap linoleum flooring — that would be nearly $44,000 per acre. That is much more expensive than the cost for alternative crops.
  2. To achieve high yields of algae, growers have to enrich the water with large amounts of carbon dioxide (which algae consumes). This means the CO2 would likely need to be captured and transported from fossil fuel plants, most of which are not located anywhere near the best locations for algae farming — the desert. The capture of CO2 and the pipeline to transport this CO2 add significant cost (which, again, even other biofuels do not entail).
  3. The process requires large volumes of water, but if algae production takes place in the desert, large volumes of water are also hard to come by.
  4. As President Obama points out, there’s "a bunch of algae out there." But producers of algae fuel use special strains in order to produce oil. In order to preserve their strains, they would somehow have to protect thousands of acres from contamination.
  5. Producers of algae have to somehow dispose of the actual algae once they have separated it from the oil. The mass of this algae would add up very quickly, and producers can only sell so much of the "algae bodies" as animal feed.

All of these things suggest that algae fuel is not likely to be competitive with other forms of fuel anytime in the foreseeable future. And more importantly, it is definitely not a solution to Americans’ urgent energy crisis brought on by unnecessarily high gasoline prices.

President Obama recently compared those who doubted his green energy fantasies to the "Flat Earth Society" and claimed that his side of the debate represented "the Wright Brothers, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs."

I don’t recall any of those people receiving $50 million loan guarantees from Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan — and their technologies worked.

Next week: the revolution in natural gas.

Your Friend,

The Threat to Cato’s Independence

You may have heard about the lawsuit that Charles and David Koch have filed against the Cato Institute, in which they ask a Kansas court to give them majority control of Cato. You may even have heard from Koch spokespeople about the effort.

I want you to know: We believe this effort is a direct threat to the independence, nonpartisanship, and libertarianism of the Cato Institute. Koch control would gravely damage 35 years of hard work by our Board, officers, staff, and donors to build the Cato Institute’s brand and reputation and to make Cato, as George Will put it, "the foremost upholder of the idea of liberty in the nation that is the foremost upholder of the idea of liberty." We intend to fight this threat. And we intend to win and to preserve our independence.

Let me note that we at Cato are immensely grateful for the support we received from Charles and David Koch up until a couple of years ago (about 4 percent of our budget in the past decade), and we admire their donations to many other libertarian causes as well. This dispute isn’t personal, we’re not trying to demonize the Kochs. We just don’t think a think tank can retain its credibility if it’s perceived to be

Newt Gingrich for President | James Pat Guerréro

As Americans tire of listening to the nightly political pundits, it becomes more clear how further away they get from the important issues: the economy, immigration reform, and debt. They seem to focus on the irrelevant as the U.S. media portrays it. It’s called serious American complacency – the idea that one is slough to think for oneself and follow one’s conscience in courage.

What makes a country strong is its courage to live, and live well at that – to live well enough to be the envy of the earth. The first step to get to this sublime goal is to have economic freedom. Then, civil freedom, then, political freedom. The first step is to be able to make a good living to support one’s family without government restriction. One sees in the union perspective the jealous desire of complacency. When who really pays for the fringe benefits of the unionized is the American taxpayer – those who actually work hard for every single dollar, who are truly conservative or who pay the dear price of loss for not being conservative.

Newt is the closest candidate to really understand the American need for economic freedom. He also is the closest to understanding what is truly needed for immigration reform as it’s tied so closely to the economy. As the November 2012 general election nears, it becomes blatantly obvious on how so close the country is on the precipice of danger or wonder. Choose wonder. Choose Newt for President.

Governor Rick Scott’s Weekly Newsletter – March 9, 2012

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Governor Scott participates in in a deployment ceremony for the 202nd Red Horse Squadron at Camp Blanding

Governor Scott Congratulates

the Florida Legislature

I would like to congratulate the Florida House and Senate on a successful 2012 legislative session. My top priority this session was increasing K-12 education funding by $1 billion. I am happy to report that this was accomplished. I would like to thank Speaker Cannon and Senate President Haridopolos, as well as the entire Legislature, for putting Florida’s children first.

Lawmakers also passed key components of my 2012 Jobs and Economic Development Package, including:

  • Turning our unemployment system into a re-employment system
  • Making workforce boards more accountable, and
  • Delivering business and property tax relief.

Like me, lawmakers realize that private companies create jobs, not government. I look forward to signing legislation that strengthens Florida’s business climate and invests in our children. Follow the links below for more information. Have a great weekend.

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Promises Made, Promises Kept:

2012 Jobs and Economic Development Package

Governor and First Lady Scott Announce Governor’s Wellness Challenge

Governor Rick Scott Selects Three Inductees for Florida Civil Rights Hall of Fame

Rate of Change in Unemployment Percentage, Florida Vs. National

Private-Sector Jobs UP, Public Sector Jobs DOWN

Governor Scott’s Weekly Radio Address


First Lady Ann Scott plays an active role in supporting healthy habits for Florida children and families. As First Lady of Florida, a mother and a grandmother, Mrs. Scott knows that healthy habits start young. While her daughters were growing up, Mrs. Scott was always looking for tips and tricks to help them eat more fruits and vegetables. She knows Florida moms are busy and need quick and easy recipes to give their family a healthy, well-balanced meal.

This week the First Lady hosted a cooking demonstration at the Florida Governor’s Mansion with Executive Chef John Minas to show a few Florida mom’s a healthy recipe that the whole family can enjoy. Mrs. Scott encourages parents to start healthy traditions such as cooking together as a family at least once a week instead of going out to eat.

Click here to get the recipe, Roasted Chicken with Honey-Lemon Butter, Roasted Red Potatoes and Baby Carrots.


This week, Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll was the keynote speaker in Jacksonville at Northeast Florida Engineers Week annual banquet. In her remarks the Lt. Governor spoke about Governor Scott’s focus on engaging students in the “STEM” areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This goal will lead to Florida graduating more students into good, high-wage jobs in the engineering field.

Robert Jackson, chairman of NEFL Engineers Week summed up how essential engineers and how exciting a career in engineering can be: he said, “Engineers truly make the world a better place. Early inventions, such as the wheel and the pulley system allowed the use of exploring mechanical devices as tools. This skill of applying scientific and mathematical knowledge to design and build devices, structures and processes is consistent with the modern definition of engineering. Engineers apply their knowledge to find suitable solutions to make improvements to everyday life.”

Photo: Lt. Governor Carroll and Engineer of the Year John Ellis and his wife Rhonda.

Executive Office of the Governor | 400 S Monroe St | Tallahassee, FL 32399 THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA • IN GOD WE TRUST
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Restore Justice 2012

Hey folks,

I wanted to send you a quick note about what I believe will be one of the most exciting statewide campaigns in Florida this election season. You might be familiar with an effort called Restore Justice, to educate voters about the records of three Supreme Court Justices, Pariente, Quince and Lewis. All three will be on the ballot facing a simple up or down vote this November.

A study released by the "American Justice Partnership" said, "Nowhere is the pattern of judicial activism more prevalent than in Florida." We have been working over the last 18 months to inform groups about the issue of judicial activism and the various decisions that have been made by our state SC justices.

Now I am happy to let you know that we are taking this campaign to the next level. Over the next few weeks we will be announcing a statewide leadership team and coalition of individuals throughout Florida’s 67 counties. I need your help right now to do this.

It’s early, but things are heating up. Many people are already circling the wagons and trying to discredit us. Three Former Florida Bar presidents, a former state Attorney General and former Supreme Court Justice have organized campaigns to minimize the importance of judicial record and attack our effort to educate voters. They have already sent out inflammatory emails calling our agenda "radical" and going so far as to say the judges have done absolutely nothing to deserve being removed from office. That’s quite an exoneration without even mentioning a single decision!

I need your help if we are going to be successful. The goal of our effort is simple: to tell as many people as possible about these three judges’ decisions on health care, education, frivolous lawsuits and criminal justice and other issues that are important to voters. Last election, 1 million voters left the judicial section of the ballot empty. A recent focus group found that out of 115 people surveyed, not one could name a single Supreme Court Justice. It’s vital that voters make informed decisions on every vote they cast, including Supreme Court Justices.

We are looking for people who will be willing to stand with us, help spread the word in your county, and to join our state wide coalition on the ground level of what the Tallahassee Democrat called, "the most hotly contested judicial elections in more than 20 years."

Would you be willing to help in your county? Send me an email!

Jesse Phillips


Restore Justice, Inc.