– GOP Lawmakers Want Explanation of Draft Memo on Amnesty for Thousands – GOP Lawmakers Want Explanation of Draft Memo on Amnesty for Thousands.

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Modesty of Dress and the Love of God: An Effective Way to Defend the Family | America Needs Fatima

America Needs Fatima – Modesty of Dress and the Love of God: An Effective Way to Defend the Family | Articles.

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Comment: The debate needs to be increased in the Florida Legisture on the family. There are two general strategies of debate: in defense of the family and in support of the family. Under the strategy of defense, one important way to defend the family is modesty of dress. The modern day woman and man asks today, “How does modesty of dress defend the family?” The answer, “Many ways.” Let’s begin with a list of ways.

1. Clothing gives the message of dignity, responsibility, seriousness, sobriety, and elegance.
2. Clothing indicates the person’s social position, profession, sex, and age.
3. Clothing identifies the person, and the way the person looks at oneself.
4. The way one dresses provides consistentcy between thought and behaviour.
5. The way one dresses shows mentality toward respect of the sacred.
6. The egalitariaisim of dress breaksdown the respect for different person’s social position, generation, age, and sex.
7. The infantilization of dress breaksdown the respect for the persons’ different ages and responsibilities.
8. The chastity of dress protects the other one from sinful behavior on the comtemplation of the body, especially woman’s, that was created beautiful by God.
9. The family cohesiveness and stability is enhanced by the self-discipline of dress by others.
10. The way of beauty of dress leads toward God; and the way of ugly of dress leads away from Him.

This was written for a good friend of the Christian Coalition of South Florida, who experienced a disappointing interview by a Cable TV interviewer on why Christians should support nudity in public.


The News Service of Florida.

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Speaking with reporters Thursday, McCollum noted that other recent polls have shown him much closer to Scott. The attorney general particularly took exception to poll numbers showing that people think he’s less conservative than Rick Scott, asking, in effect, how they would know that.

“The truth is I have a record of being a Reagan conservative and he has nothing but slick ads,” McCollum said. “I have a record and it is a conservative record and I’m proud of that….It’s hard to imagine that Rick Scott is more conservative than I am.”