Brian May and ‘iCheat’ Collateral Damage | James Pat Guerrero

Commentary: Brian May, a registered lobbyist, had been a campaign staffer for Alex Sink. But, she fired him for sending a text message during the last gubernatorial debate with Rick Scott. HOWEVER, Alex Sink read that message like it was the most important thing to do on the planet. Isn’t it a little unnerving when someone with whom you’re speaking reads a text message immediately? It’s impolite! It’s apolitical! That’s the issue. It was impolite of Alex Sink to receive the message during a nationally televised debate. Perhaps the mother instinct set in during that moment which doesn’t make Alex Sink’s interrupting excusable. It was an insane moment and an insane, self-deprecating task to do at that moment that backfired to Alex Sink. Collaterally, (pobre) Brian May took the heat and the bullseye hit for his error. Since he was precisely in Alex Sink’s open field of fire, she targeted and felled him! Alex Sink, well, is finding her way into super collateral damage soon, like November 2nd.

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Quick Pick – Vote “YES” for Jeanette Nunez on Florida House District 112 | James Pat Guerrero

Commentary: Receiving about 15% of the vote in the Republican primary, yours truly ran against Jeanette Nunez for Florida House District 112. A wife, mother, and hospital executive, Jeanette Nunez would be the excellent choice. She will help the legislature in creating jobs, help to overcome Medicare problems, and control government spending. Voters can help Jeanette Nunez’ campaign by contributing, volunteering, and voting.

For more reading: Job creation on minds of both candidates for House District 112 » Naples Daily News.

The HOLY SPIRIT Write-In Option | James Pat Guerrero

Commentary: Emily Miller, editor of Human Events, voted in Washington, D.C., where she lives. She voted for the HOLY SPIRIT write-in option where there were no Republicans for which to vote, mainly the D.C. Mayor, Chairman of the City Council and At-Large member of the City Council. Well, of course, inspirational Emily Miller was truly inspired for the right thing to do.

For explicit reading: I Voted Early For The Holy Spirit – HUMAN EVENTS.

Larry Christopher: Embezzlement Investigation | James Pat Guerrero

Commentary: The U.S. Secret Service and the Collier County Sheriff’s Office served a federal warrant for the arrest of Larry Christopher of 1345 Remington Way No. 4202, Naples, Florida. The offices investigated Larry Christopher on a wire fraud charge, i.e., involving embezzlement while employed by the former Journey’s Academy during 2007 to July 2009.

For more reading: Collier Star: Joint Investigation Results In Federal Charge.

Georgia Hiller on Jackson Lab | James Pat Guerrero

Commentary: Georgia Hiller clearly understands the issue on funding Jackson Lab, a Maine-based nonprofit genetics research institute that wants to locate in Collier County, Florida. She’s against taxpayer funding of this project because the real need is to cut government spending and taxes to keep within budget . Georgia Hiller is running for Collier County Commission, District 2. The voters in District 2 can help Georgia Hiller’s campaign by contributing and volunteering.

For more reading: Money issues, Jackson Lab on minds of Collier commission candidates » Naples Daily News.

Quick Pick – Vote “YES” for David Rivera on U.S. Congressional District 25 | James Pat Guerrero

Commentary: Many patriots and lovers of our country will do many years of work to undo the unnecessary laws that Joe Garcia would vote if voters elected Joe Garcia as the next U.S. Representative for Congressional district 25. Greater spending isn’t good for the United States, and Joe Garcia would increase spending. More regulations aren’t good for the United States, and Joe Garcia would increase regulations. Obamacare is fraught with problems economically and financially, and Joe Garcia would support Obamacare to its complete implementation. Less freedom isn’t good for the United States, and, unfortunately, Joe Garcia doesn’t understand the right way to look at freedom. True freedom is less government and more empowerment to the people to do what is best economically and financially for themselves, even if there’s risk involved. Risk is part of everyone’s life, and each person measures his risk individually and appropriately. Liberals just don’t get this, and Joe Garcia is one of the most liberal Democrats in Florida. Instead, vote for David Rivera to help make the United States of America greater and Florida greater. I will have to vote “YES” for David Rivera on U.S. Congressional District 25.

To help David Rivera’s campaign, contribute now and volunteer.

Marisol Valles (20): Police Chief in Mexico | James Pat Guerrero

Commentary: Near the Texan border in the Mexican town of Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero of Chihuahua State, a young 20-year-old woman wants to become the next police chief. The area is known as Juarez valley, and its history is nothing but narco-traffickers killing and intimidating. The mayor of the town, Jose Luis Guerrero, appointed Marisol Valles police chief. Ms. Marisol Valles is a real example of courage. But, more than that. At one time (yours truly remembers as a boy) the maternal instinct prevailed in family policy. The Hispanic family is very familiar with this. (This saying isn’t to exclude other ethnic families who are familiar as well.) The woman analyzed the moral law and ensured that she taught it on the misgivings of children, but even in regard to the immoral practices of men in the family. She was necessary and sufficient to keep the peace in family life. The family respected her, primarily because she knew the law and how to practice it; secondarily, because she spoke out and took action in the face of fear. Yours truly respects Ms. Valles and wishes her the best. The hat is off to the proud example of courage in Mexico.

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