LGBT Adoption | James Pat Guerrero

Commentary: The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) would’ve but didn’t appeal the Miami gay adoption case to the Florida Supreme Court. Attorney General Bill McCollum would’ve bypassed the DCF but decided against it. Bill McCollum’s office represented DCF in the Miami-Dade Circuit Court and the 3rd District Court of Appeal decisions. Bill McCollum decided that the case didn’t have enough merit for an independent review by the Supreme Court and followed on the way DCF decided. LGBT Frank Martin Gill and his partner sued for adoption of two foster boys, and Judge Cindy Lederman of the Miami-Dade Circuit Court approved the adoption. Although DCF appealed the decision, DCF Secretary George Sheldon and Gov. Charlie Crist never had approved the gay adoption ban law in the first place. George Sheldon had been a Florida lawmaker and voted against the gay adoption ban when it became law in 1977. Sheldon would’ve wanted to see the case go to the Florida Supreme Court to give weight to the appellate court’s decision. Nadine Smith, the executive director of Equality Florida, has stated that Bill McCollum’s decision not to appeal the case to the Florida Supreme Court pleased the pro gay rights organization. Nadine Smith, a law lobbyist in Tallahassee, disfavored anti-gay prejudice, when it came ahead of the needs of children (and parents). The state elects the Attorney General, and he is responsible  to prosecute the constitutional law, but he didn’t go all the way to the Supreme Court in this case. LGBT groups across the state and nation are celebrating … celebrating that the appellate court declared the  gay adoption ban unconstitutional after 33 years of standing. Okay, do LGBT get nervous in the end zone?

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