Abortionist at Catholic Hospital | America Needs Fatima

Doctor who commits abortions at Planned Parenthood
every Friday is on the staff of a Catholic Hospital

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Dear To Whom It May Concern,

According to news reports, Dr. Richard Grossman is part of the staff of Catholic Mercy Regional Medical Center and is also an abortionist for the local Planned Parenthood.


Mercy Regional Medical Center is a Catholic Hospital located in Durango Colorado and was founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1882 and Grossman is currently its longest-serving physician.

But how they can allow an abortionist be a staff member is beyond me!

In plain English, a public killer of unborn babies part of Catholic “Mercy” . .
Abortion is such a cruel, sinful and shocking thing. . . where’s the mercy in that?

Send an instant e-protest message to Catholic Mercy

Moreover, Grossman is not Catholic. He is a Quaker. And he commits abortions on Fridays at Planned Parenthood of Durango. Pro-lifers say he is the only abortionist within a 200-mile radius of the city. Recently, he stated:

“The reason I perform abortions is because I’m a Christian”

Grossman is also a very vocal promoter of population control.

That’s why I ask you to please get involved and to protest this terrible scandal.

Send an instant e-protest message to Catholic Mercy

Thank you.

Robert E. Ritchie
Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima

Send E-Protest: E0336 protest | Protest.


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