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Ruger LCR: It’s Not Just About the Polymer – HUMAN EVENTS

Posted in Defend the Second Amendent (Gun Rights), Tradition, U.S. Constitution by James Pat Guerréro on 02/08/2011

For me, the best snubnose revolvers have always been made by Smith & Wesson. I own, and have owned, a large number of S&W J-frames. I have never found a small revolver design I liked as much–until now. Like a bolt out of the blue, veteran gunmaker Sturm, Ruger and Company has burst onto the scene with a fantastic snubby revolver–the Lightweight Compact Revolver, or LCR. I can’t start this review without saying how happy I am that Ruger chose to build this gun. Under the legendary Bill Ruger’s leadership, Ruger built great guns, but did not always support the concealed carry market. However, new management at Ruger has reversed this course in recent years, offering new full size pistols, as well as the Light Compact Pistol (LCP), and now the LCR. Welcome back to the concealed carry market, Ruger!

via Ruger LCR: It’s Not Just About the Polymer – HUMAN EVENTS.

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