Collier County Attorney Katzkow Lost Opportunity Cost in Project Peet | James Pat Guerréro

To continue the Project Peet (Jackson Laboratory project) story, Collier County Manager Leo Ochs left out the Collier County Attorney Jeff Klatzkow’s expenditures and said as follows:

“I didn’t mean to omit anything intentionally,” Ochs said.

Thank goodness a double negative still means a positive. Hmm. Looking at Klatzkow’s time for a moment, he spent “a total of 264 hours on litigation, arbitration, public records requests, a bond validation proceeding, project negotiations and matters relating to the Productivity Committee.” The market rate for attorneys’ fee is give or take $300 per hour for a good attorney. For 264 hours of time the total cost estimate is 264 hours times $300 per hour: $79,200. But one may argue that the County Attorney is giving his time to the County taxpayer. Really? Accepting that assertion, then what could he have done better with that 264 hours of time? There is an argument that the County Attorney could have done different and better work for the County taxpayer with that time: that he lost an opportunity cost for the time he spent on Project Peet.

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