FGCU Student Drowned in Campus Lake | James Pat Guerréro

A Florida Gulf Coast University student drowned early this morning in a mining pit that is used as a lake and beach on campus. Joel Johnson (21) of Lauderhill, Florida, took a late night swim, along with five others, to an off lake shore trampoline about 20 yards from shore. It was reported by Susan Evans, University spokeswoman, that he had trouble swimming to and never reached the trampoline – again only 20 yards away. Evans reckons that the depth of water at the trampoline is about 10 feet. The Lee County Sheriff has thus far reported this incident as an accidental drowning. It sadly appears that Johnson may have not known how to swim.

Five other people were on the lake shore, and there is no other report of attempted life-saving by the other four in the water and the five on the lake shore.

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Jennifer Lehman Found in Retention Pond ~ 1 Year Later | James Pat Guerréro

Jennifer Lehman (49) was missing since August 13, 2010. Where was she? Her body was found on June 17, 2011 in her submerged car in a retention pond at Edison State College, Fort Myers, Florida. That would be almost a year later she was discovered by a grounds keeper.

There are aerial photos that show that her car was in the pond taken in August 201o. Note the red-circled, white object in the pond which shows the submerged car. Her car is a white, 1993 Nissan 300 ZX with the tag number 166-6VK – the same car which was discovered this Friday.

Upon discovery of the car, the divers noted undercarriage damage. That would indicate that the car had been driven off the nearby road and into the pond. Driving over the berm around the pond may have caused the undercarriage damage.

Former husband Steve Lehman had reported her missing in August 2010. Jennifer’s daughter, Brittany Lehman, had been lost due to a car crash in June 2010.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case.

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