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Ray Netherwood
Ray Netherwood

Fort Myers and Naples, Florida

I am voting[1] for Ray Netherwood, the Libertarian candidate for the Libertarian Party in the general election for the Florida 19th Congressional District Special Election.  Although I am Republican and do not anticipate switching parties any time soon, for me it comes down to a preference between Curt Clawson, the Republican nominee, and Ray Netherwood, the Libertarian nominee.

Aside from addressing Mr. Netherwood’s excellent economy and jobs platform, I would rather address some conservative social issues.  Just take one good look at the Clawson Economic Growth Plan (a dizzy read), and decide for yourself if you want more of the same: government use of debt to sell off corporate debt with offshoot cronyism and special interest corporate causes that do not look at the big picture.

In the many possible political worlds, I have learned that defeating abortion and homosexuality are difficult propositional platforms.  Marriage between a man and a woman whips into the homogeneous homosexuality agenda, the phalanx of rhetoric so to speak.

I take on the Tea Party principles and practical legal and political implementations for them – a more courageous political stance.  Perhaps persistent, well-educated, and moral legislators and judges, whom we elect, one day will win the pro-life issue by laws supported by the U. S. Constitution.

Although I do not think homosexuality will ever go away, I am not presumptuous enough to think the U. S. Constitution and its interpretation of it can obliterate homosexuality.  Certainly, though, homosexuality will use the U. S. Constitution to defend itself.  Nevertheless, marriage is another matter: a legal act with historical legal precedence.

I have to admit, we, catholics, are a captious bunch.[2]  We stand up against abortion and homosexuality, as we should; however, at the same time, we should find the practical (political, active, and legal) way to defend the unborn and marriage between a man and a woman.  DEFEND, in all capitalization, is the key word.  The question is, “How shall I be the best defender of the faith?”  Knowing marriage between a man and a woman leading to faithful love and care of children and right to life is part of our faith, we would defend it with our lives, I hope.  In light of what los españoles say in español,

“El filósofo Epícteto dijo que un hombre sabio no se lamenta por lo que no tiene, sino que se regocija por lo que sí tiene.”


“The philosopher Epictetus said that a wise man does not grieve for the things he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.”

We have many things to be thankful – perhaps not now the defense of innocent lives taken in the womb and the defense of innocent children in homosexual relationships.  I can be patient for the good in God’s chance moving hearts over these issues.

Meanwhile, a time is here to shake up the U. S. Congress.  Thus, in my little way of the flower, I, a “gut strunk catolic,” [good strong catholic], am voting for Ray Netherwood, the Libertarian nominee.

The Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, general election is June 24, 2014.  Ray Netherwood is running against Democrat April Freeman and Republican Curt Clawson.

Please refer to Ray Netherwood’s web site for more information on his political platform.

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[1] I cannot vote per se in Florida’s 19th U. S. Congressional District due to a voting registration change.

[2] The word, Catholics, is a proper noun with capitalization, as referring to a unique entity.  I use catholic with a small “c” for the purpose of this article.


Ray Netherwood para el Congreso: Su Opinión sobre Rpublicano Curt Clawson | James Pat Guerréro

Ray Netherwood y la cónyuge, Shelley, con Charles Krauthammer
Ray Netherwood y la cónyuge, Shelley, con Charles Krauthammer

Ray Netherwood representa al candidato del Partido Libertario de la Florida XIX Congreso distrito elección especial en Fort Myers y Naples.

Sr. Netherwood pidió una respuesta a la victoria primaria republicana de Curt Clawson.


Si fuera un republicano, sería estar lamentando las primarias [republicana].

Sin embargo, habiendo sido favorecido por el resultado, elegiría Sr. Netherwood contra “Plan Económica,” de Clawson que se cree fue “improvisada” por las personas que piensa de Clawson por él. En forma verdadera, Clawson tots el “Penny Plan,” el juego para conseguir avalado por Connie Mack. Según el Sr. Netherwood, este plan económico no fue ni siquiera pensado por Curt Clawson propiamente.

Sr. Netherwood del estilo de liderazgo práctico es muy diferente a la de Clawson laisser aller enfoque de la economía y el liderazgo, donde Clawson tendría otros hacer la mayor parte de su trabajo por él.

Como el Sr. Netherwood dice:

Sr. Clawson apoyaría simplemente esperando a que alguien le tira la pelota.

Según el Sr. Netherwood, que esquiva de liderazgo no sería el tipo de liderazgo necesario en el Congreso de Estados Unidos.

Mensaje del Sr. Netherwood es hacer el 95% de su propio pensamiento sobre todas las cuestiones, especialmente en la economía; para conducir a los problemas sociales y las cuestiones constitucionales de Estados Unidos; y nunca permitir Speaker John Boehner o líder de la minoría Nancy Pelosi a decirle cómo votar.

La elección especial general para el distrito del Congreso de la Florida 19 Estados Unidos es el 24 de junio de 2014.

April Freeman correrán por el partido demócrata.

Para leer el sitio web de su campaña, vaya a:

Ray Netherwood for Congress: His View on Republican Curt Clawson | James Pat Guerréro

Ray Netherwood and spouse, Shelley, with Charles Krauthammer
Ray Netherwood and spouse, Shelley, with Charles Krauthammer

Ray Netherwood represents the Libertarian Party candidate for the Florida’s 19th Congressional District Special Election in Fort Myers and Naples.

I asked Mr. Netherwood for a response to Curt Clawson’s Republican primary victory. He stated,

Were I a Republican, I would be lamenting the [Republican] Primary.

Yet, having been favored by the outcome, Mr. Netherwood would choose to run against Clawson’s “Economic Plan,” which he believes was “cobbled” together by persons who do Clawson’s thinking for him.  In true form, Clawson tots up the “Penny Plan,” playing the game to get endorsed by Connie Mack.  According to Mr. Netherwood, this economic plan was not even thought out by Curt Clawson per se.

Mr. Netherwood’s style of hands-on leadership is quite different from Clawson’s laisser aller approach to the economy, and leadership, where Clawson would have others do most of his work for him.

As Mr. Netherwood states,

Mr. Clawson would simply stand by waiting for someone to toss him the ball.

According to Mr. Netherwood, that dodging of leadership would not be the kind of leadership needed in the U.S. Congress.

Mr. Netherwood’s message is to do 95% of his own thinking on all issues, especially on the economy; to lead on the social issues and the U.S. Constitutional issues; and never to allow Speaker John Boehner or Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to tell him how to vote.

The general special election for Florida’s 19th U.S. Congressional District is on June 24, 2014.

April Freeman will be running for the Democratic Party.

To read his campaign website, go to:

S&P: ‘$46 Trillion Perfect Storm’ Closing in on US | Newsmax

A new report from Standard & Poor’s estimates up to $46 trillion in refinancing and new financing needs by companies during the next four years — and credit markets may not be able to handle it, the Business Insider reports.
According to the report, the global “wall” of non-financial corporate debt maturities coming due from 2012 to 2016 isn’t new to market observers.
Less discussed is the incremental financing that corporate debt issuers will need during this period to fund capital expenditure and working capital growth. S&P’s ratings services estimates the total amount of refinancing and new money requirements during the next five years at between $43 trillion and $46 trillion.

Editor’s Note: The Final Turning Predicted for America. See Proof.

“This demand for funds will potentially compound the credit rationing that may occur as banks seek to restructure their balance sheets, and bond and equity investors reassess their risk-return thresholds,” the report’s authors wrote.
“These factors, amid the current eurozone crisis, a soft U.S. economic recovery following the Great Recession, and the prospect of slowing Chinese growth, raise the downside risk of a perfect storm for credit markets, in our view.”
Though S&P believes that this downside risk remains, it is their working assumption that global banks and debt capital markets will largely be able to continue to provide the majority of liquidity to allow most corporate issuers to proactively manage their forthcoming refinancings.
“However, the balance is fragile, and existing or new sensitivities could flare up, derailing this base case,” the authors write. “Governments and banking regulators are now not as well placed to counter another perfect storm scenario given that they have already expended so much of their fiscal and monetary arsenal to mitigate the problems arising in recent years.”
Other problems also loom for the U.S. economy.
At the end of this year, the Bush tax cuts are set to expire while automatic fiscal spending cuts are set to kick in, a combination known as a “fiscal cliff” that will do worse than suck an expected several hundred billion dollars out of the economy initially, says Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.
The combination of tax hikes and spending cuts will yank $7 trillion out of the economy within a decade and throw the economy back into recession.
“There is about $7 trillion there that … could be taken out of the economy in a really stupid way that would likely push us into a recession immediately,” says MacGuineas, according to CNNMoney.
Editor’s Note: The Final Turning Predicted for America. See Proof.

© 2012 Moneynews. All rights reserved.

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via S&P: ‘$46 Trillion Perfect Storm’ Closing in on US.

Newt Gingrich for President | James Pat Guerréro

As Americans tire of listening to the nightly political pundits, it becomes more clear how further away they get from the important issues: the economy, immigration reform, and debt. They seem to focus on the irrelevant as the U.S. media portrays it. It’s called serious American complacency – the idea that one is slough to think for oneself and follow one’s conscience in courage.

What makes a country strong is its courage to live, and live well at that – to live well enough to be the envy of the earth. The first step to get to this sublime goal is to have economic freedom. Then, civil freedom, then, political freedom. The first step is to be able to make a good living to support one’s family without government restriction. One sees in the union perspective the jealous desire of complacency. When who really pays for the fringe benefits of the unionized is the American taxpayer – those who actually work hard for every single dollar, who are truly conservative or who pay the dear price of loss for not being conservative.

Newt is the closest candidate to really understand the American need for economic freedom. He also is the closest to understanding what is truly needed for immigration reform as it’s tied so closely to the economy. As the November 2012 general election nears, it becomes blatantly obvious on how so close the country is on the precipice of danger or wonder. Choose wonder. Choose Newt for President.