U.S. Department of Education Nominee by Trump Transition: Betsy DeVos | James Pat Guerréro

lbj-dept-of-edu-bldgExecutive Branch: Trump Administration, inaugurated January 20, 2017

Federal Agency :  U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202

Contact:  1-800-USA-LEARN (1-800-872-5327)

Congress: 116th Session convened January 3, 2017

Political Cabinet-Level Appointee:  Yes

Candidate:  Betsy DeVos

Position:  Education Secretary

Experience:  Charter school and school vouchers advocate; GOP donor; billionaire philanthropist; former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party; leads American Federation for Children; member of board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education

Party:  Republican

Offer Status:  Nominated

Senate Confirmation:  Required

Confirmation Hearing Date:  TBD

Confirmation Date Approved or Rejected:  TBD






Ben Carson: Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Nominee by Donald Trump | James Pat Guerréro

Ben Carson is Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Please visit the following link on Ben Carson written by Newt Gingrich Why Ben Carson Matters.

Leadership and the Presidency | James Pat Guerréro

trump-familyOn the heels of this 2016 Presidential election and the decision of the American people on the new president-elect, Donald Trump, everyone speaks a different opinion about the outcome and whether anyone can live or die with it. One asked oneself whether one should “quit life” – that  being a drastic question.  Another asked, “let us obstruct the president-elect with all the power as possible.”  And yet another asked, “prayer and hope may be given to bless the new leader.”

A truly extraordinary set of political events have occurred. An outsider with absolutely no political experience came to the forefront in a presidential political election. From any individual that takes a certain amount of panache.  This individual not only weighed the likelihood of defeating the Clinton political machine, but also stood squarely against the Republican political establishment.  Every primary Republican candidate was taken out one by one: Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, et al.  As it turned out, they were not as strong.  More likely is that they would not be as strong as Mrs. Clinton.  She might have made them appear as little leaders, and she might have won the election.  Also, as it turns out, president-elect Donald Trump purposely stood against the Republican establishment in the primary and up to the last-minute of the election day.  He strategized that the American people did not like them either.  Not even the Bush family voted for him, and they are considered firmly Republican establishment.

But as politics goes in this presidential election year, the Republicans gained ground in the Senate, House, state governor and local races throughout the country.  The agent for that change was president-elect Donald Trump.  And he had known that would occur.  He knew that most Republican candidates would not endorse him, at least not publicly, because of their perceived notion that they would not be elected because of him. It must be clear that not having most endorsements from his own political party was not absolutely needed – not in this campaign.

President-elect Donald Trump understood the media, the results of the media, the purpose of the media, and the microscopic view of reality of the media.  Therefore, he strategized the media to his own advantage and spotlighted Mrs. Clinton with high-level media coverage on her own past and present legal problems. He exposed Mrs. Clinton who showed that leadership was not the strongest of her qualities.  Also, he exposed Mrs. Clinton who did not perform well under pressure because of a lack of good judgment.  By Mrs. Clinton’s own design, president-elect Donald Trump saw through her own view of the electorate make-up.  Her view of the electorate make-up was different from what the American people really are.  A good leader would not miss that important element in service.  As it turns out, Mrs. Clinton’s constant reference to the “inclusive” word means something entirely different than truly every single American citizen and resident foreign nationals.

It is clear as all of the American people have declared that president-elect Donald Trump is the better leader for the presidency.

Prediction: Donald Trump Will Win | James Pat Guerréro

trump-victory-photoThe odd makers have been steadily predicting toward odds that Mrs. Clinton will win the 2016 U. S. Presidential Election with generally odds-making  for Mrs. Clinton as the favorite and Donald Trump the underdog.  The latest odds as of today, election day at 2:00 A.M. November 8, 2016, are -550 for Mrs. Clinton and +375 for Donald Trump.

But these odds do not take into account many other relevant factors that are pertinent to the Trump campaign: such as, religious fervor, overwhelming rally support, new Republican voters, conservative right groups, campaign energy, American focus on terrorism, strong leadership, government debt, high taxation, and weak American military.

I would have to recompile the odds. My odds are -150 for Mrs. Clinton, and +125 for Donald Trump.  Therefore, Trump now has a 44.44% probability of winning while Mrs. Clinton has a 60% probability of winning.

The reason that supports my prediction is that of the odds makers’ predictions. They will lean toward predicting better odds for Mrs. Clinton because if she lost the election, the odds makers would stand to gain more income, which is financially appealing to them. In other words, if Mrs. Clinton lost, they would stand to gain more with a Donald Trump win.

I predict that Donald Trump will win the election because of his steady increase on the underdog odds lately. It will be a surprise victory.




Quick Pick – POTUS Vote “YES” for Donald Trump | James Pat Guerréro

If you stick with the issues on Donald Trump, here is how he stands:

  1. Military & Defense – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  2. Economy – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  3. Politician – weaker than Hillary Clinton
  4. Justice – will appoint the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts with more conservative justices
  5. Immigration – jobs for American and resident-alien people first, and new immigrants second
  6. Foreign Policy – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  7. Border Security – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  8. Right to Life (Anti-Abortion) – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  9. Second Amendment Right – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  10. Law and Order – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  11. Trade Agreements – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  12. Inner City Plight – stronger than Hillary Clinton
  13. Obamacare – will work for a national healthcare program that is truly affordable and more patient-oriented

So, why not vote for Donald Trump?

Trump: I Might Be Back – HUMAN EVENTS | John Hayward

The gang on Fox and Friends had a telephone chat with Donald Trump this morning. After assuring the hosts their show is incomparable, Trump said he was rather less thrilled by the current crop of Republican presidential candidates.

He finds it “a very sad thing” that he’s not “seeing a lot” out of the GOP field, and none of the existing candidates “is going to be beating Obama,.” However, he still really believes “the right candidate” can win this election.

What would such a Right Candidate look like? Well, according to Donald Trump, he would have looked a lot like Mike Huckabee or Donald Trump. Too bad they’ve both announced they’re not running.

“But, who knows?” mused The Donald. “Stranger things have happened…”

Asked directly if he might re-consider his decision to get out of the race, Trump replied, “I would not rule it out.”

2012 will be “the most important election, except George Washington and Abraham Lincoln,” according to Trump.

via Trump: I Might Be Back – HUMAN EVENTS.

In A Statement That Surprised No One. Now With More Words Than Necessary to Explain it All. | RedState | Erick Erickson

In a statement that surprised absolutely no one, Donald Trump decided not to run for President. Now here are more words than are necessary to explain it all.

Few took it seriously, though I was happy to participate in an interview with him tomorrow that he abruptly canceled Friday.

In any event, I actually do think he took the idea to run seriously. We can all say that we knew he wasn’t going to run, but in gearing up for tomorrow’s cancelled interview I talked to several people close to him and all of them were convinced Trump was actually taking the prospect of running seriously.

Several things happened over the last week though that I think got him to the conclusion we all knew he’d arrive at quicker than I or probably he thought he’d arrive.

First, in a little noticed Reuters wire story at the beginning of last week — so little noticed I first noticed it in a South African newspaper — Trump said he was surprised by the public scorn related to his consideration of a Presidential bid.

Second, the New York Times and others started piling on last week about the lawsuits involving Trump. This escalated to a meltdown on CNBC on Friday morning.

Third, he had the prospect of facing me tomorrow with a no-limits Q&A for an entire hour that would be broadcast live.* Then he abruptly canceled late Friday afternoon.

By the weekend, I think Donald Trump finally had to take seriously the fact that many didn’t take his bid for the Presidency seriously and he was either going to have to change some minds or change his mind. It’s a lot easier to change one mind than many. Likewise, for the first time in a very long time, the maestro of media spin let a story spin out ahead of him beyond his control.

Trump does not like story lines he cannot control.

*why of course I’m going to shamelessly take credit for something I had nothing to do with.

via In A Statement That Surprised No One. Now With More Words Than Necessary to Explain it All. | RedState.