Paradise Adverstising and Marketing “Rent Seeks” Collier County | James Pat Guerréro

Does the contract allow for change orders and on what basis? Why is there a need for this increase of $1 million change order? The given reason was that there is more money. That’s not a reason.

Actually, Commissioner Hiller is on to something. The Collier County government was used in the “rent seeking” tactic. Paradise Advertising and Marketing, Inc., employs this tactic using its special interest lobbyists who, after a lull in marketing costs, suddenly increase the costs to beat out its competitors and design a contractual scheme that only the government can leverage toward approval.

Commissioner Hiller is appropriately recording.

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Collier County Government Getting into Bed with Paradise Advertising and Marketing | James Pat Guerréro

“Getting into bed with someone” is a great metaphor to use to describe a potential abnormality that is about to happen. Glenn Beck likes to use this metaphor a lot. But the below article refers to Collier County Government getting into bed with Paradise Advertising and Marketing. Yet, when one partner suspects the other of doing something wrong, isn’t the reaction to get out of bed all together in the public sector? And this is no different in the private sector. In fact, the private sector does better and immediately corrects the problem.

Collier County Government should start all over, that is, get rid of the old vendor, rebid the contract, and get a new vendor. The threat that the county advertising coverage would end short because of stopping the contract after the review is not a problem. The County should default on the advertising spending mandate and save the dollar for the County taxpayer. In other words, the County should spend no more advertising dollar and contract with another vendor. The County should pay off the vendor for any work that it has done. The County has the power to do this, and in this case that is precisely what elected and paid Commissioners should do.

Cedar Hames, president of the company, donated to the Marco Island Museum and the Freedom Memorial at Freedom Park in Naples. The County should check donation procedure. Earmarks work both ways: the vendor gets an earmark ($2.3 million) from the County and the County gets an earmark ($100,000) from the vendor, inspired by the County’s tourism development council.

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