HE GUARANTEES IT! | James Pat Guerréro

20161112_021420.jpg“I guarantee that I look this way today.”


“I cannot guarantee that I will look this way tomorrow.”





A curled world of space and time, this man is strange and guarantees the matter. Where a far-flung orbiting body of great luminescent mass stays its pattern, this man rides inside, fast like a light year.  His unutterable and stuttering speech of a language known to himself and those simple beings and beasts in gravitational pull.

Early morning in the not-a-wig hair style and kiky black shirt, the camera shoots this living object.  Preparing for the 4th day time travel, he moves like the circle behind him in an endless loop.  For he is homeless for a home and he is needy for spare change plus peace and love and have a great day!

The smile is in harmony with his natural feeling – that of a guaranteed smile, living and saving for a recycling moment with the 5th dimension of people, who are tired and spent.  And smiling to the beyond the living: to the physical intellectual occupying the places in space of imaginable hearts and acts of kindness while scattering the sorcery.  Yea, this man is strange and guarantees it.

Ready for his daydream beheading he laughs with his executioner a tale of dead armadillos with yellow stripes.  But the executioner does laugh at his weak shoulders and fatty neckline. “Let us save the curly hair from a cutting,” he says, “and expose the clean fatty neck, please, for I enjoy my swift and nasty task.”

The axe falls and the head is still attached.  The blood still beats the pulse of flashing light and ringing sound.  He entered the vast space where a signpost swooped down from the sky and spoke his distant name and being.  The signpost read Thursday Man.


He guarantees it.




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