Prediction: Donald Trump Will Win | James Pat Guerréro

trump-victory-photoThe odd makers have been steadily predicting toward odds that Mrs. Clinton will win the 2016 U. S. Presidential Election with generally odds-making  for Mrs. Clinton as the favorite and Donald Trump the underdog.  The latest odds as of today, election day at 2:00 A.M. November 8, 2016, are -550 for Mrs. Clinton and +375 for Donald Trump.

But these odds do not take into account many other relevant factors that are pertinent to the Trump campaign: such as, religious fervor, overwhelming rally support, new Republican voters, conservative right groups, campaign energy, American focus on terrorism, strong leadership, government debt, high taxation, and weak American military.

I would have to recompile the odds. My odds are -150 for Mrs. Clinton, and +125 for Donald Trump.  Therefore, Trump now has a 44.44% probability of winning while Mrs. Clinton has a 60% probability of winning.

The reason that supports my prediction is that of the odds makers’ predictions. They will lean toward predicting better odds for Mrs. Clinton because if she lost the election, the odds makers would stand to gain more income, which is financially appealing to them. In other words, if Mrs. Clinton lost, they would stand to gain more with a Donald Trump win.

I predict that Donald Trump will win the election because of his steady increase on the underdog odds lately. It will be a surprise victory.





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