A Poor Story of Eternal Values


On Sunday, I heard a sermon on the value of money. That money is more valued by the rich and that the poor have no money even to value.  That in this world the poor are cared for by the rich. But in the next life the rich are cared for by the poor. This means that the poor have learned eternal values by not having any money and the rich have learned earthly values by having all the money.

There is nothing to worry.  We are all cared for.  However, one has to stop and think.  How are the rich cared for by the poor in heaven?  It is very simple, if you understand how to be poor on earth.  There is a spirit of poverty one can follow, although, I must confess my wife does not like me for spreading this idea.  She just represents the difficulty that those have in practicing the spirit of poverty.  But she knows and has practiced the spirit of poverty her whole life.

It means this.  Say to yourself slowly the following eternal values: for instance –  strength, joy, wisdom, honesty, self-restraint, patience, praying, generosity, self-effacement, sense of humor, sharing, meditation, community living, helpfulness, humility, hunger for the truth, painful experiences, loss of loved ones, service of country, hospitality, friendliness, kindness, gift-giving,  letter-writing, caring for the elderly, laughing at oneself, service of neighbor, contemplation, well-wishing, speaking well, spiritual exercises, and inability to make a living.

In this short poor story, I cannot list the endless number of eternal values.  Most are practiced by the poor and the poor in spirit.  The poor have learned these values so well on earth, that in heaven there are a sufficient number of poor people who would unhesitatingly care for the rich.

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