10 Points for Winning a True Conservative Reformer | James Pat Guerréro

Florida's 19th Congressional District Special General Election Results
Florida’s 19th Congressional District Special General Election Results

The Florida’s 19th Congressional District Special General Election Results …

What is to cheer about?  The voting public did not really see the election as a competition.  Lee County, Florida, turnout was a mere 22% compared to Collier County, Florida’s, 23%.  Voter turnout, yes, and I have a gun range in my basement.  I intellectually see more clearly by what Ray Netherwood said about lamenting Republicans over Curt Clawson.  I am lamenting! but also I am thankful for what I have – freedom.

I would like especially to thank Ray Netherwood, the Libertarian nominee, for running in Florida’s 19th Congressional District Special Election, and Democratic April Freeman and Independent Timothy Rossano.  Republican Curt Clawson of Bonita Springs, Florida, won the special general election, replacing Trey Radel who resigned over cocaine use charges at the beginning of the year.

A patriotic American and true conservative reformer, Mr. Netherwood did his best with his campaign resources.  Certainly, it is no easy task to run up against a wealthy political aspirant, who knows he can win.  The wealthy way is electing one’s self winning an election; but it is not the citizen’s way, where the citizens do the electing.

Would it not be a wonderful upset if Curt Clawson lost in the November 2014 election?  There is a way to defeat the wealthy politically inspired elected – it is called divide and win the voters.  Here are some lessons learned for taking back Florida’s 19th Congressional District.

  1. To be a true conservative reformer, one has to represent oneself as one in the talking fight and the fight talking.
  2. The campaigning needs are in Lee County where there are more registered voters and a richer demographic.
  3. Collier County is diversity-weak with high-income per capita and less dense population per square mile, although the Hispanic population is growing.  More success can be achieved from the Hispanic vote in Collier County.
  4. The message should be that the candidate is more conservative and represents more of the Tea Party principles and applications.
  5. Keeping a close eye on Curt Clawson’s voting record does well to develop the message points to refute the idea he is a true conservative reformer.
  6. The population demographics should take into voting account the Hispanic vote and the African-American vote.
  7. The message should be appealing to the young adult voters.
  8. Represent the issues in accordance with Tea Party principles so the Tea Party super PACs can independently endorse the candidate.  The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund endorsed Curt Clawson.
  9. Finding Tea Party people in Florida helps to endorse and support the candidate.
  10. Especially pay close attention to developing the immigration platform explaining why and how to protect the country, not focusing on keeping immigrants out but finding ways to bring immigrants in legally.

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