Immokalee, Florida, CRA – A Ruse Draw | James Pat Guerréro

Immokalee, Florida, Plaza
Immokalee, Florida, Plaza

Collier County budget and state and federal drawdowns paid for the niceties of Immokalee, Florida, evading private support – penalizing sole and potential private support.  The CRA, a government entity, institutionalized on subsisting Immokalee through state and federal funding.  Thanks to economic development, Immokalee is up to its neck with alligators, literally amidst the Everglades – the alligators of government control and the boa constrictors of public-private partnerships.  Meanwhile, the economic development is a ruse.  Still, neither the population of families has increased, nor the schools have increased or gotten better in Immokalee.  Thanks to economic development, Immokalee even boasts a plaza, supposedly for something cultural, but necessarily and sufficiently for re-educationing people on government systems as well as for praising politicians.  Tim Nance did not get it either.  The idea should have been to change the laws that govern Immokalee from the top down; not change Immokalee to accommodate the laws of Florida and Collier County.  Let the families who live there decide for themselves.  Let them vote Collier County Commissioner Tim Nance, (District 5), and the CRA out.  Let them vote the U. S. House of Representatives, District 25, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, (R-FL25), out. Let them vote the Florida Senate, District 39, Sen. Dwight Bullard, (D-Cutler Bay), out.  Let them vote the Florida House, District 80, Rep. Matt Hudson, (R-Naples), out.

Government people have the impenetrable financial bubble that provides work, though, for themselves.

[CRA – Community Redevelopment Agency]

Immokalee Today eNews for 05/31/2014.


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