The Reason, and the Passion, of the Tea Party | James Pat Guerréro

American Eagle with Ensign
American Eagle with Ensign

American Eagle Tea Party PAC[1]

These are the principles of the new conservative PAC, as referenced.[2].[3]




  1. A return to a more limited, more constitutional form of government.

  2. A return to the right to “turn back the clock” in reference to progressive liberalism which does not allow turning back the liberal order.

  3. A return to working out the meaning of a constitutional government by strategy and tactics.

  4. A return to freedom from government control and needless, harmful regulations.

  5. A return to enact free-market health care reforms that would lower the cost of coverage and to repeal Obamacare.

  6. A return to a free market system based on the rule of law versus a corporate welfare system.

  7. A return to a foreign policy protecting Israel from terrorism and terroristic organizations.

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[1] Conservative PAC by James Pat Guerréro, Chairman/CEO.

[2] Kesler, Charles R., (2014). The Tea Party, Conservatism, and the Constitution. Imprimis, 43, 1.



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