Congressman Joe Garcia For ? | James Pat Guerréro

All right.  Well, considering Congressman Joe Garcia’s (D-FL26) incomprehensible video recording, the non-communist system does work.  Furthermore, some fear that the non-communist system works best.  The communist party is 20,000-members in the United States.  At the last Florida registered parties check in Miami-Dade county, there are two parties and the Democratic Party, thus far, has not renamed itself.  It grossly appears that Joe Garcia is either the sole member of the communist faction of the Democratic Party of Miami-Dade, or, at least, the first member.

How does he know so much about Texas immigration and what does it have to do with working communism?  ¡No se relaciona!  [It is not related!]  While immigrants are seeping like water into South Florida by cruise ship, small boat, commercial airline, small aircraft, automobile, and bus and van transport, Rep. Garcia has an iron-grip grasp on border control in South Texas.  It must be helped by the good communist system, right.  Alas, stupid Texan public policy has been ineffective or inefficient, but Congressman Garcia has got it covered with political hoplites, running the 1,254 mile Texas-Mexico border with small firearms and collapsible RPG’s and dangling meals ready to eat.  Automatic weapons sold by “Fast and Furious” operatives; thanks to working communism, could shoot these hoplites.

After all, it is okay to be a member of the communist party.  Nevertheless, pleasing Rep. Garcia, there must be evidence existing that communism works.  Nobody is going to send him to a “thirty day” reeducation center with the 99% probability that he never will return.  In fact, precisely like oblivion, communism works.  Meanwhile, Congressman Garcia has no eyes:  for he has no need to see.  He has no ears:  for he has no need to hear.

The public will try out swimming conditioning practice tomorrow morning at 0600.  The most nautical will swim from the Gulf of Mexico through the Ten Thousand Islands chain, up and down the Florida Keys until flipping over at Miami Beach for continual laps controlling the coastline.  From a secret provisional location, Congressman Garcia shall designate the Olympic swimmers the initial cadre of political marines.

[RPG = rocket propelled grenades]

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