Reading and Writing Are Power | James Pat Guerréro

A Letter Home, Image courtesy of Simon Howden /
A Letter Home, Image courtesy of Simon Howden /

Overemphasis on diverse reading and skillful writing is understated.  Writing with working ideas and descriptive words into a reasonable meaning presumes ambidextrous knowledge of English and grammar, sentence structure and word structure, vocabulary and idiom, style and character, and syntax and meaning.

Reading anything should be accompanied with critical thinking.  As the author’s written work is analyzed for its intended purpose, content, and argument, the reader’s thoughts are synthesized for its meaning, persuasiveness, and writer’s effectiveness to the reader.  The writer’s ideas must be partly memorized, summarized in note taking or compartmentalized for mental synthesis; although, thinking is mental and physical and requires energy and go-power – whatever it takes.

Writing begins anywhere, everywhere.  It starts with a thought or a thesis.  The thesis is a proposition, which is the purpose of the writing.  The writer proves or disproves the thesis:  by persuading or dissuading the reader.  Writing is the product of plenty of reading:  all kinds of reading, i.e., fiction, non-fiction, prose, poetry, business, economics, technical, scientific, politics and legal.  Reading and writing are power in the way that seeks the truth, which frees.


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