A Legal Education | James Pat Guerréro

A replica of the U. S. Supreme Court room at Liberty University law school
A replica of the U. S. Supreme Court room at Liberty University law school

A legal education is a dedicated venture.  I had tried to enter law school several times in the past, and I always had known a law career was for me: 60 years of age is not an obstacle.  The dream of attending and graduating from law school may not come as soon as I would like, but I have patience.  I had first started applying while I was in the military – trying but not succeeding more than three times.  The stringent requirements in the military are more competitive than in civilian life, especially in the Marines.  Wisely, law professors have advised that it is a law student’s job and responsibility to learn to be a lawyer.  I am glad of that, as sea lawyering has been my constant consumption.  Because I have applied many times – and failed – I know the application process, timing and LSAT test taking blindfolded.  I have visited law schools: their professors and administrative staff, law library, classrooms, law students, judges, and admissions committees – even visited the only replica of the U.S. Supreme Court room!  I know which law schools I prefer over others.  The more I study politics – which is my natural hobby – the more I get to study the law on my own.  Please remember to check out my political blog, ThursdayMan, some day.  This blog not only writes on political events but also takes on the mysteries those we all face in the universe, and measures our struggles.

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