The Blue Linckia Sea Star | James Pat Guerréro

The Blue Linckia Sea Star
The Blue Linckia Sea Star

I do not recommend anyone have a large family, today, or even get married.  Why not just live the good single life, free, easy, live-and-let-live lifestyle – a life free of bitter and sweet, sorrow, and financial hardship.  Oftentimes, I had thought just like this.  Then, I had thought, well, there must be a way to skin this cat.  Thus, I had consumed much of my time thinking on how to raise and keep a large family.  Perhaps, some day, I will write down all my secrets!

There is one great hope I can pass to the universe of aspiring childless couples.  If a family can safely pass the great risks of childbearing and raising children, there is this family philosophy I call the Linckia Starfish.  “In the wild, the Blue Linckia Sea Star is capable of regenerating a new starfish from almost any portion of its body that might break off.”  Note well, my friends, this starfish not only regenerates the portion of its body that might break off, but also regenerates a completely new starfish from the portion that broke off.  What an amazing creation!  Using the starfish as an analogy, as the starfish can heal itself, so can a family heal its own wounds; as the starfish can regenerate itself from a broken portion of its own body, so can a family bring a new family into existence through one of its members.  It is a very beautiful concept that reminds of family life.  Metaphysically, there is more.  Although the family members will separate, they always will be one in an invariable starfish link.

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