Conventional Easter | James Pat Guerréro

"Rise to Power" by Benjamin West
“Rise to Power” by Benjamin West

Conventionally, Easter would have been over for 2014.  The Easter holiday sales have disappeared at the stores, and the stockers have taken and switched the products.  Wal-Marts and other stores offer Easter baskets and soft candies at extremely reduced prices.  People think less about going to church or simply refuse.  Relatives slip some comments such as, “Well, Easter is now over.”  However, Easter is not over.  This year the liturgical calendar scheduled Easter on April 27, 2014.  On the fortieth day after Easter, Christ ascended into heaven with his body and soul.  The calendar remembers the Ascension this year on May 29, 2014, which also happens to be my 32nd wedding anniversary.  Finally, on the 10th day after the Ascension, the calendar sets our prayers on Pentecost Sunday, which occurs on June 8, 2014.  Pentecost is the promised beginning of Christ’s church on earth, preparing his people for the way to Him.  The Easter season of praying the Risen Christ is now over.  Christians are not atheists.  They believe in one person, not thing: Christ.  He is the risen Lord!

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