Law School Plan 2015 | James Pat Guerréro

A Law Student
A Law Student

The law school plan is financial, qualification, logistics, reading, writing, and operation.  Additionally, the plan is constrained by timing and age.  There is no age limit, but for the school I would like to attend, I would be the second oldest person they would have ever graduated.  Reasonably, I do not want to wait too long because I have satisfactory health, which could be degraded.  I have changed the start date to the fall of 2015 for more time obtaining funding and testing a better LSAT score.  A three-year law school education costs $242,642, with marginal accuracy here and there.  There are opportunities for scholarships and grants, especially for veteran disability.  I have attached a budget, which includes living expenses for my family.  Every little bit of generous funding helps.

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