Fathers Have Ideas | James Pat Guerréro

Father Noah
Father Noah

Can fathers suffer?  Yes, they do. In a different way, all fathers suffer ideas like thinking ideas through while wearing a crown of thorns.  Thus, it makes a difference how a father acts whether he lashes out on his ideas or whether he accepts in trust, passions them in emotion, and reasons them in confidence.  If the father is the initiator so comes his initiation, pain and lifelong sorrow.  I read a story about a South Vietnamese father who fought for the communists since 1954 to liberate South Vietnam.  The communists had liberated Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, in 1975.  The revolutionaries had promised national unity and economic growth but that did not occur; the communists incarcerated the prominent government leaders, doctors, businesspersons, and officers in Saigon and all of South Vietnam into reeducation centers and prison camps for thirty days.  The “thirty days” turned out to become never returning.  This father had a son who was a Saigon Army officer, and the communists deported him for “thirty days” of reeducation.   Depressed and worn out, the father could not find help to get his son released (he never returned).  At home, his wife and mother tormented him, “Now you come back and you can’t do a thing for your family.  You can’t even make enough salary to support yourself, let alone us.  You’re nothing more than an extra mouth.  Now we have to take care of you along with everyone else.”  Unbearable with himself at home and at work, the father jumped out of a six-story building to his death.  Epilog:  Every father has his trying time.  For a father has already given life and faith, and after that, it is up to God to have a chance.  [“Share” on Facebook!]

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