The Philosophy of Service | James Pat Guerréro

The philosophy of service
The philosophy of service

Rich men often speak of wealth and excellence, as if the words by themselves were the true goals in life.  Poverty speaks, too, in volumes of restoration against this material sea.  The point is that a philosophy is readily available, vivacious or melancholic.  My destiny was to learn a life of service.  As I matured, I added to that the knowledge of the truth of things.  I have been very fortunate in a poor man sense.  So far, I never have acquired a wealth to speak of, nor sought an excellence as the rich men do.  However, I seek the service of people and the truth of the good means to a good end – the simple way, although not the way of wealth and excellence.  I believe that I will not end up in old age with a palace built up around me; nor they will say of me worldly presages of excellent accomplishments to the world’s courts.  For I only thought and recreated since the beginning for service and truth.  [“Share” on Facebook!]

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