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Breakout Versus Breakdown at the Veterans Administration | Newt Gingrich and Ali Meshkin

Posted in U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs by James Pat Guerréro on 05/08/2014

Honoring Veteran's Day

Honoring Veteran’s Day

By Newt Gingrich and Ali Meshkin

When the American Legion calls for Secretary of Veterans Affairs General Eric Shinseki to resign, you know something is profoundly wrong.

In a statement entitled, “Shinseki Must Go,”‘ Daniel Dellinger, National Commander of the American Legion, said, “His record as the head of the Department of Veterans Affairs…tells a story of bureaucratic incompetence and failed leadership.”

“The disturbing reports coming from the Phoenix VA Medical Center are just one of what appears to be a pattern of scandals that have infected the entire system,” Dellinger continued. “It has been more than 20 years since the American Legion has called for the resignation of a public official. It’s not something we do lightly. We do this because of people who have been failed by the system.”

via Breakout Versus Breakdown at the Veterans Administration.


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