The Communists’ Errors of Easter | James Pat Guerréro

Please, give me an Easter bunny; by all means, not a communistic Millstein!

ThursdayMan | el hombre del jueves

Henry Millstein is a communist, and he erroneously knows something about Christianity. While one reads the communist blog, People’s World, one can pick out the following errors.

  1. Jesus wasn’t a revolutionary. He was the Messiah of the new agreement with Man’s heart on God’s forgiveness and love of Man.
  2. Jesus did not start a “new world.” He proclaimed the Kingdom of God in the hearts of Men.
  3. Jesus did not only speak to the “poor and oppressed.” He spoke to all Men, whose hearts were poor and oppressed, whether they are materially rich or poor.
  4. Jesus did not force any people to start a movement. He moved Men in their hearts to expose the truth in the light.
  5. Jesus did not leave us with an Easter message to “birth” another world. He lives in the world of Men’s hearts forever for those who love Him by following God’s commandments…

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