An Early Warning: The British Obama is Coming.

Chuka Umunna

Exceptional expose. Hitting hard on the ideas of the Liberal Left (Labour) on the British side of the pond. ThursdayMan

See this link for article:

Defend the Modern World


There is a widely shared belief in the drinking rooms of Westminster Village that a certain Chuka Umunna MP (Streatham, labour) is headed for the top of British politics.

The child of a Nigerian father and Irish mother, Umunna, 35, is already considered the country’s leading ‘black’ politician and has created around himself an aura of excitement that will be all too familiar to our friends across the pond.

Umunna is so often described as the ‘British Obama’ that the lazy racism of the term is overlooked and only the positive insinuations allowed to burn through.

And I suppose Umunna is the British Obama, at least in the sense that he is ‘black’, young and – most importantly of all- a potentially devastating weapon for the Left.

To understand why he holds such value, it is necessary to look deeper into the Liberal mindset, past the velvet-curtain of virtue and…

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