Benacquisto Moved in With the Left Wing | James Pat Guerréro

Florida Senator Benacquisto never told the public she was raped or tried to prosecute the rapist, when she was, er, 19, but changed her mind when she was, ah, 45, running against Democrat Kevin Rader; ah, she won.

Lizbeth A. Kelly Benacquisto had been a registered Democrat, er, in Broward county, but changed her mind in Palm Beach county, ah, going Republican; ah, that’s the making of an apprenticeship double voting record.

Benacquisto was married to “unknown spouse,” er, presumably a good guy (had two children), but changed her mind and wedlock, ah, with major liberal donor Bruce Strayhorn; ah, Strayhorn has ties to Obama and Clinton.

Benacquisto had co-introduced and voted, er, Common Core SB1076, in the Florida Senate, but changed her mind in the Florida Congressional District 19 Special Election, ah, as she campaigned against Common Core for both offices; ah, that’s a Democratic Party technique.

For information on new wedding bells from Tampa Bay Times:

For information on Bruce Strayhorn and Benacquisto’s democratic past from Shark Tank:

For the complete Fox4 video:


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