Vote for Paige Kreegel Florida’s 19th Congressional District Special Election 2014 | James Pat Guerréro

Paige Kreegel
Paige Kreegel

The Florida Republican Party has selected its candidate, senate majority leader Lizbeth Benacquisto, for the reason of staying in power. Simple. Citizens would dare to vote for someone else trying to get elected on the ballot.

The political contribution funds will be pouring into Benacquisto’s congressional campaign treasure chest, although they aren’t visible yet with the U.S. Federal Elections Commission.  And Curt Clawson has his own campaigning money.  He’s wealthy.  Digitally streamed political ads fire hungry games – Lizbeth Benacquisto the Bow & Quiver versus Curt Clawson the Basketball.

Intelligence surmises it takes a diligent research to dissect the positions on issues Benacquisto holds.  Whether the research in effort and time is worth it matters little!  It matters a lot to be voted into office like the political machine of Tammany Hall insured the vote.  Get out the vote! is what only matters.

Its disappointing having to go through the drill of learning what candidates’ stand on the issues.  When a candidate is preferred and supported by the Republican Establishment, what stance on issues matters?  Every other candidate has a minimal chance of winning in the primary.  The primary election will be held on April 22, 2014.

Vote for Paige Kreegel because it makes for common sense:  he hasn’t been a career politician, he hasn’t been chosen, and he wasn’t part of a bankrupt and bailed out automotive industry global company.  He’s dutifully qualified because three facts make common sense:  (1) he almost beat Trey Radel in the last election, (2) he has health professional experience in serving people, and (3) he is a professional physician who can understand and stand against The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

The Florida Republican Party lost the first time when it voted in Trey Radel at a cost of his voting absence, his voter misrepresentation, and the Florida taxpayers’ $500,000+ cost for this new special election.  Common sense makes it necessary correcting the Republican Party’s mistake on Trey Radel – one chance, one loss – zero percent effectiveness.  Suffrage and Republican voters shouldn’t let it happen again.  Vote for Paige Kreegel!


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