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U. S. Government Cyber Surveillance or Cyber Anti-Privacy? | James Pat Guerréro

Posted in Edward Snowden, U. S. National Security Agency by James Pat Guerréro on 03/03/2014

Reason TV’s Zach Weissmueller interviews Ladar Levinson of Lavabit on Edward Snowden and the National Security Agency (NSA). Why did Levinson shut down Lavabit?  What was the NSA trying to do?  How is the NSA breaking privacy? What is dark mail?  How is Levinson going to resurrect?  What can be done to change the NSA’s practice of cyber surveillance that breaks the privacy of American citizens?  What can be done to change or strengthen encryption standards and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) keys?  Where is Edward Snowden in all this?

edward snowden

Edward Snowden


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