Hazy Curt Clawson Delisted HAYZQ Ticker of Hayes Lemmerz International Inc | James Pat Guerréro

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Image Curt Clawson

Ticker symbol HAYZQ of Clawson’s Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc., in the automotive and transportation industries stopped trading on the NASDAQ sometime in 2009.  As a result of the Hayes Lemmerz’ bankruptcy reorganization, stockholders still holding stock lost all of their common stock.  Here’s how the posts of a particular stockholder, Kevin Aihara, read:

kevin Aihara  Monday, 12/28/09 09:13:04 PM
Re: Expediter post# 5929
Post #  of 5942

What’s going on with HAYZQ???? Did everyone lose out!! I can’t trade on this stock anymore. If anyone knows what happen please reply back!!! Need HELP!!! Thx[1]

kevin Aihara  Monday, 04/12/10 12:56:59 AM
Re: Kingchip161 post# 5934
Post #  of 5942

Have we lost everything in this stock?? What’s going on…Help someone![2]

jotuk6771  Sunday, 04/18/10 02:44:57 PM
Re: kevin Aihara post# 5937
Post #  of 5942

Sorry,but infortunately , you lost everything ….

Hayz Lemmerz is no longer publicly traded , so…

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