Tea Partier Byron Donalds Endorses Outsider Curt Clawson | James Pat Guerréro

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Image Byron Donalds

Image Curt Clawson

Tea Partier and nose-finish favorite of Collier County, Byron Donalds had the perfect opportunity to run for Special Election United States Congressional District 19 of Florida, but instead he endorsed Republican Curt Clawson, a self-proclaimed “outsider.” And nothing is known about Mr. Clawson’s policy, as there is no detailed political platform as of today.  Self-styling Tea Party activism makes “¡Nada!” for an endorsement of Mr. Clawson who has been purported as an outsider of Washington with real business experience.

Byron Donalds claims that “I really did look at the field very strongly, and that’s why I made the decision to endorse him.”   But, what was in the field that he proved?  Politics is shallow water these days!  We know something about Byron Donalds, a tea partier conservative (the same thing was said of past Trey Radel.)  Who wants to place bets Curt Clawson is…

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