Republican Lizbeth Benacquisto: A Political Analysis – Part 1 | James Pat Guerréro

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lizbeth benacquisto Lizbeth Benacquisto

I zeroed in on her religion, Catholic, on her website.1  Her life politics is communion chocolate cake topped with Republican butter cream and embossed with the colorful lettering, “Establishment.”  Prodded by all the patsy players who can’t endorse until the primary is over, like who can’t shoot until seeing the whites of the eyes – or retreat until seeing the tail between the legs, Ms. Benacquisto comes to the line. Fireless, just spineless and square-panted, Benacquisto’s Florida Senate Majority leader status is far from becoming the majority leader of the Congressional House anytime soon.

Time thinks twice before voting for this candidate.  Time punishes a slow-rising, learning curve how to vote, according to the republican establishment, whose votes sway to the prevailing wind. And who in the Republican Party said that a new face of woman politicians is the new face of the Republican Party.  New…

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